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The Astrologer's Guide to Self Isolation

With our planet facing its biggest challenge since the Second World War, we're all experiencing profound changes to the way we lead our lives. The astrology could hardly be more apt. Yet despite the tough decisions and painful transitions, the end of the world is far from being nigh. This crisis holds the potential to lay foundations for a fairer society; a new way of being can emerge.

Saturn's move into Aquarius calls us to face up to our responsibilities; we need to do what's best for everyone and our planet. We can use technology to reach across the world and have a tangible and more positive impact.

Jupiter and Pluto's series of convergences amplify a sense of worry and fear. Yet they also help us uncover a sense of power. When they converged in 1918, at the time of the Spanish Flu, we lacked the mechanisms and technology to cope. When they converged before the financial crash in 2008, we weren't ready to focus on the human side of the crisis. We've learned so much. This time we're much better prepared to meet the challenges.

Despite needing to maintain social distance, we must come together like never before; put aside our differences and take action for the greater good. Each of us is unique and will have our own approach. Some will find it more difficult than others. But if we unite and support each other through this, we can emerge stronger, more cohesive and more aware of the effects of our actions on others. Let's work towards a more united world.


Since Aries are traditionally impulsive and active folk, the thought of being confined is enough to make you shiver. The key is to channel some of your famous willpower into pursuits for both the body and mind. Which projects have you started (and abandoned) that you can attack with a renewed sense of vigour? It's time to dust off ideas that you've always wanted to pursue. The tricky thing will be trying not to take on too much... especially as you'll be tempted to break the rules if they seem to be getting in between you and your goals. Try to see the lockdown not as the end of things, but as a time for new beginnings.


Since Taureans likes routine and tradition, major change is hard to adapt to. You don't like being forced to do anything you don't want to do; yet you quite like the idea of being holed up surrounded by your favourite things. The trouble is, that although the thought of being comfortably ensconced in your own space might appeal, the reality will quickly lose its charm. With Venus, the planet of love, ruling your sign, the key is to surround yourself with beautiful things and indulge yourself. And, since relationships are so vital to you, stay in close contact with the people you love.


Of all the signs of the zodiac, Geminis might be most challenged by self-isolation. It's rare to find you sitting still and doing nothing because your mind constantly whirs away, probing issues and planning your next move. So it's important to keep your mind busy. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology you'll be able to speak to those you care about and see their faces too. While there are plenty of ways in which you can, and should, keep yourself busy, you need to be a bit wary of wearing yourself out. So although you're happier when doing something, give yourself permission to do nothing too.


Surely the zodiac's homebodies will adapt well to staying indoors? Yet, although Cancerians appreciate the pleasures of a well-feathered nest, it's not the twigs and leaves that make it appealing. Your home is where your heart is, and self-isolation implies separation from your nearest and dearest. It's important to remember that even though this may be difficult, it's about protecting the people you love as well as yourself. By making this emotional sacrifice you're doing what needs to be done. With your sensitive heart protected by a tough exterior, you can be the warrior the world needs you to be.


It's hard to be the centre of attention when no one's looking; and for stylish, bold Leos, the thought of being stuck in the wings rather than shining in the limelight holds little appeal. But we all need examples to follow and, with your natural leadership skills, you can demonstrate how things should be done. After all, if you can put aside your need to socialise, the rest of us can follow suit! This is an opportunity for you to channel your creativity and optimism into self-development. Thanks to social media, the warmth of your personality can still bring sunshine into people's lives


It's rare to find Virgos with spare time on their hands; there's always another project to work on and something to organise. The key to surviving self-isolation lies in turning your quick-thinking mind towards activities that appeal to your love of learning and love of serving others. Not everyone will be able to match your selfless dedication or live up to your high standards. And sometimes, even you may fall shy of the example you want to set. But if you remember to be kind to yourself, and concentrate on the psychological and spiritual support you're able to offer, this could even be an experience that restores your faith in society's ability to care.


Librans are social creatures. Since you rarely look at any situation from one angle you connect with most people and appreciate different points of view. But this open-minded approach leaves room for doubt. It's why you like company; it gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas around and figure out what you think. It will be vital to retain access to whatever nourishes and inspires you. That might mean beautifying your home; or losing yourself in music and art. It definitely means communicating with trusted companions. By maintaining strong connections with special people, you'll find the resilience you need.


Just because Scorpios like to keep themselves to themselves doesn't mean that self-isolation will be easy. Although your modest and un-showy ways give others the freedom to express themselves, they make it hard for them to know when you need help. It will be important to express what you need, when you need it. Having a support network is an asset, and being able to call upon others is a sign of strength. With your sensitivity and intuition, you'll be able to offer valuable support to those you care about. As you learn to enjoy that sense of inter-dependency, the experience of self-isolation could ironically be liberating.


How will a freedom-loving Sagittarian cope with restricted movement? It's only if you allow your brain to be shackled that you'll run into trouble. So make sure you have the resources and materials to cope. I'm not talking about loo rolls and pasta! I mean books, music and art; things that will expand the frontiers of your mind. Just because you can make the most out of any situation doesn't mean you won't run into difficulties sometimes; and it's okay to admit to having bad days. Yet your optimism will inspire the folk around you and help us find a faster way towards the brighter future.


If we go by reputation alone, Capricorns seem uniquely suited to thriving in lockdown. You're known for having good sense and self-reliance. Yet, you have an imaginative side; you're a visionary, with the ability to turn your ideas from the theoretical to the practical. A dedicated and hard working soul, the last thing you want is to be held back from doing all you can to help people get through these challenging times; so isolation will bring frustrating moments. Yet your ability to build from the ground up, and take charge, suggest that you'll find ways to helpfully influence and assist... lockdown or not!


Aquarians are often accused of believing they're the smartest person in the room. Of course, in self-isolation, they probably are! Luckily, you're blessed with an abundance of wit too - a gift that you must and can continue to share. You care deeply about people and look for ways to make their lives better. Although you'll find the limitations of lockdown challenging, you'll find innovative ways to make a difference to your community. Technology, an Aquarian speciality, will enable you to carry on communicating and sharing your ideas. The trick is to make isolation 'different', and if anyone has the ability to do that, it's you!


How do you confine someone who lives in the world of dreams? Since no one can limit the Piscean ability to create interesting inner worlds; you can deal with self-isolation because you have a passport that frees you to travel anywhere in your mind. Yet, you can be practical when you need to be. You're just attuned to what MIGHT be possible, then seeking ways to make that part of your reality. Since your imagination can also conjure up worst-case scenarios, it's important to fill your life with beauty and art, and keep strong connections with other folk. Focus on the light and you'll be a source of it for others to share and delight in.

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