Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer
Prince William and Kate Set a Date

William, future king, was born on the solstice. He must be instinctively drawn to the old ways for he has opted to marry at Beltane; a fertility festival known to pagans and druids as a 'cross quarter day.'

That bodes well for a large family but other omens for their wedding are hardly the stuff of which fairytales are made. If you look East, early on April 29 next year, you'll see the last sliver of a waning Moon aligning with Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter plus an invisible Uranus, all in the same sign, all broadly opposing Saturn. This cosmic convergence takes place in Aries; sign of conflict, combat and competition. It's a perfect day for starting a war but an odd time to legitimise a relationship! This need not drive them apart nor put them in direct danger but the 'energy of the day' will attract many people with an axe to grind! Expect protests, strikes and attempted attacks, in London and elsewhere.

If Kate doesn't already know what a magnet for unwelcome attention her marriage is destined to make her, she'll know soon enough. Another day, later in the year, might reduce this and offer better weather.