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Prince William and Kate Get Engaged

Kate's a Capricorn. William's a Cancerian. Cancer and Capricorn are 'opposite signs'. In the realm of physical magnetism, opposites attract.

But there's more than that to astro-compatability. We have to look at Venus and Mars, in his chart and hers. How do they line up? She has Mars in Libra. Interestingly, so does he, even though she's six months older and Mars usually spends no longer than a couple of months in each sign. A quirk in the cosmic calendar, back in 1982, granted them this advantage. Plus, his Venus is in Taurus while hers is in Aquarius. No two horoscopes are ever perfectly matched, but these links are more than 'good enough'. We're certainly not looking here, at a marriage that could go horribly wrong like his parents' did. Indeed, even though he's a boy from a broken home, she's got just what it takes to help him create the sense of security he needs. They'll even be secure enough, together, to argue! Though we're used to seeing members of the royal family displaying decorum we may soon have to adapt to a couple who thrive on 'dynamic tension'. But the potential for conflict in this relationship is healthy not heavy.

Kate is a proper modern woman. She simply won't be content to stand in her husband's shadow and she'll expect him to take a very active role in raising their children.

I'm tempted to tell you when I think she'll be queen... but astrologers' ethics forbid this. To forecast an ascension to the throne is also to predict the date of a demise. And there are some pieces of information about the future that all responsible fortune-tellers should neither seek nor speak about.