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Aquarius, The Decade 2010 - 2020

aquarius Zodiac Sign

What was life like for you before 1998? That was when Neptune entered your sign. After a faltering start, it remained in Aquarius ever since. In April 2011, it moves on. In August, 2011, it changes its mind and returns. Inl February 2012 it at last commits itself to a new celestial abode. It will be back in another 150 years or so but even allowing for advances in medical science, I think we can safely say that by then, it will be some other Aquarian's problem! Not that Neptune's influence has been entirely problematic. It may have dissolved most of the major structures in your personal world. It may have left you wondering where or when you would ever find a reliable source of security again. Yet it also unleashed your creativity and helped you make several rather daring dreams come true. Make the most of all it brings you in 2010. You may miss it when its gone. Not that you'll miss it for long. You are about to rediscover a sense of poise, peace and prosperity that has been elusive for so long, you've forgotten how it feels to have it. Welcome to a much more decisive decade, during which you finally make sense of all you have been through in the Noughties and fulfil potential that has lain dormant within you since childhood.

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