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Sat, 24th February 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: You could choose to take a less-complicated route. But that's not your nature. You're an innovative Aquarian. You enjoy challenges. And you dislike predictability. Which means that when you find a successful formula, you revise and rework it! And just because something isn't broken doesn't mean you can't tinker with it and improve its functionality! Yes, there will be dramas to deal with and tense situations to manage this week. You may find yourself wondering how to cope. But not only will you handle them with style. You'll enjoy it.

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Aquarius -

Aquarius - Your February Monthly Horoscope: Think back to how life was for you a couple of years ago. Was there a project you'd embarked upon? An important objective you were trying to attain? How did it all work out? Could an outstanding issue still be hanging around? With power planet Mars converging with Pluto in your sign in February, not only have you got the energy to resolve some unfinished business, you can build on your success and use it to start building the right kind of future. The potential this month, to make dynamic improvements to your life, is thrilling.

Aquarius - Yesterday's Forecast:
No one quite knows how celestial helpers function. Do they watch from afar, assessing our behaviour? Does their willingness to jump in and offer assistance depend on the number of good deeds we perform? Or do they support everyone, regardless of how 'good' they are? Since you've got Venus in your sign, you don't need to worry yourself about why you're being blessed this weekend. It's safe to presume that heavenly interventions are available. If you work on that premise, you'll be able to achieve something special.

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Aquarius - Thu Feb 22, 2024:
You're returning to somewhere you thought you'd never go back to. Not a physical place; it's much more likely to be an emotional state of mind. It involves someone you once had nothing in common with. And that's putting it mildly! You seemed to hold polar opposite views. Now though, you're in a more powerful position. So, how are you going to handle this? Are you going to set forth, all guns blazing, to set them straight? Hopefully not! If you use your power to influence them, you'll find them surprisingly cooperative.

Aquarius - Wed Feb 21, 2024:
Why are you in such a rush? What's piling on all the pressure? Who's had the big idea? And why are you feeling so responsible? Somewhere in your world an issue is being blown out of all proportion. And as Venus moves to connect with Mars, it will get more intense. It's going to take a lot of energy to slow things down to a more reasonable, agreeable pace. Fortunately, you're an independent-minded Aquarian. Since this is important, go with what you judge to be right (even if it seems unconventional). You can take control.

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Aquarius - Tue Feb 20, 2024:
With Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto all in your sector of the sky, the cosmic spotlight is on you. Before the planet of communication moves on (in a couple of days), it's the ideal moment to reach an important decision, and back it up with a statement of intent. You've got support. If you make a wish, and demonstrate your willingness to get involved in whatever it takes to make it come true, there's every chance it will be granted. It's by dreaming big, and asserting yourself, that you'll move towards a pleasing outcome.

Aquarius - Mon Feb 19, 2024:
Some people have commitment issues. The idea of making promises they can't keep makes them so stressed they avoid making promises. Other folk have the opposite problem. They're so anxious about being judged they stick with what they've committed to - even if it's making them miserable. Both these syndromes can affect all aspects of life - not just relationships. Unusually perhaps, it's the latter option that's affecting your ability to make a decision right now. If you're unhappy about an arrangement, it's important to be honest.

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Aquarius - Sun Feb 18, 2024:
Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: With Venus and Mars in your sign, you're being empowered with the ability to touch someone's heart, and to use your skills to calm a situation that appears to be spiralling out of control. But you're going to struggle to achieve these things if you're feeling consumed by doubt. This week, you need to act and speak from a place of inner wisdom and strength. And even if your current state of mind makes that sound unlikely, you can tap into that space. Recent experiences have prepared you for this. It's about trusting yourself.

Aquarius: - Sat Feb 17, 2024:
Your Weekly Horoscope: The link between power and responsibility is fascinating. We often have to be reminded of the importance of recognising the extent of our power; and to think carefully about its impact on those around us. Generally, people tend to underestimate their strengths. But you're an Aquarian. That's not your usual mindset. Yet you've been judging yourself harshly. Which has led to a misplaced view of your position. You're seeing yourself as less influential than you are. Take heart. With Mars in your sign, you could hardly be more powerful.

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Aquarius - Fri Feb 16, 2024:
You're a creative innovator. When situations seem to be stuck, instead of shrugging your shoulders and walking away you come up with bold, ambitious solutions. Even if, when you put them into practice, they don't work as well as you'd hoped, you make adjustments and implement changes until they do. You've been focusing on a time-consuming, challenging situation. Since other people, who you care about, are involved, the pressure has been on. As Venus now enters your sign, it enhances your powers. A solution is nigh.

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