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Leo, The Decade 2010 - 2020
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Mars, which normally spends no more than two or three months in a zodiac sign, entered Leo in October last year and will remain in Leo till June. You clearly get the 'edge' right from the start of this amazing decade. If you are clever, as well as determined, over the next few months, you'll seize this rare astrological opportunity and set in motion plans and processes that pay off long into the future. Even if, by 2014, they're starting to lose momentum, you'll gain a second boost when Jupiter passes through Leo between July of that year and August 2015. Other astrological influences will wax and wane, but as they do, you'll be well placed to surf them, like breaking waves on the beach of opportunity, 2011 will bring brief relief from a source of stress you've long suffered. And, from February 2012, when Neptune finally leaves your opposite sign, you'll become free from a cloud of confusion that has hung over your life through most of the previous decade. There will be a much-needed change in the attitude or behaviour of someone who has been difficult to deal with for longer than you care to remember. Free of this impediment, you'll be ready to make the most of a truly magical ten years.

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