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aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Eclipse Horoscope

6th May 2023

As the nation comes to terms with loss of our longest-serving monarch, we may feel Charles' coronation is bittersweet. Coronations usually follow loss or personal tragedy. Yet it's in the darkness that we realise how strong we really are. As the Coronation Eclipse arrives opposite your ruling planet Uranus, inspiration will arrive. With Pluto turning retrograde in your sign for the first time in 225 years, something within you will begin to stir. This internal transformation will reveal the depth of your resources. It isn't, however, a golden ticket or a magic bullet. You can't expect everything to change by itself. It will take sustained effort for your work to bear fruit. But the Coronation Eclipse should bestow an exciting vision of how to get there; it will match new-found motivation with endeavour. The key is to nurture this optimism, and communicate this change to those you care about. No matter how long you've waited for this opportunity, the past isn't what defines you. It's how you grasp the future that will determine how successfully you wield the power with which you're now blessed.

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