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pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Eclipse Horoscope

6th May 2023

At 73, Charles will become the oldest British king to be crowned. He has been waiting to perform this role his entire life, the longest job training ever. He may find that the reality feels different to what he imagined it might be. As the Coronation Eclipse arrives, it brings you a realisation about how different theory is to practice. Certain ideas you've had or ways of communicating may need to be adapted to fit what will be a changed world. But despite your challenges, you mustn't lose your drive or creativity. As Jupiter, your traditional ruler, prepares to change, you have an opportunity to be smarter about how you use your resources. Even if the fantasies you've had about what your life would become turn out to be a little wide of the mark, the journey you're on is not headed for disaster. You can have faith that you've got what it takes to navigate complexity and come out the other side. And as long as you stick to your principles and commit to learning along the way, you'll find the position you find yourself in is well worth the wait.

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