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Your Year Ahead

This year is the second in a series of years, in which the dominant astrological story involves a sharp right-angle between Uranus and Pluto. It is saying to the whole human race, 'Pay attention. You all need to move forward.'

That is why so much is changing. It is why we keep hearing about institutions that aren't as credible as they used to be. Or authority figures who can't be believed any more. Or scientific principles that have had to be redefined. And in a world that seems to be made of shifting sand, there is the question of who you are and what you need. Your cosmic gift is delineated clearly this year, by the Grand Trine between Neptune and Jupiter. They in turn, form an alignment with Saturn, which speaks of phenomenal strength. You are about to own and recognise your powers of healing: your ability to reach into the lives of others and bring warmth, support, comfort and reassurance. You can only do this through kindness, sensitivity and empathy. You can't do it when you are grumpy, jumpy, concerned or confused.

So you have got to work on those negative tendencies. That is what the year is about: overcoming problems so you can help others overcome theirs. The more people you help, the more you, yourself, will find healing and success.


Are you worried about 2013? That is no attitude with which to approach this amazing year of change and potential positivity. I know these are difficult and trying times. I am not promising that they will be entirely easy for you. But we must both be conscious of what a special person you are, how inspiring you can be, how imaginative you are, of how much creativity is within you. If, at any point in 2013, it starts going wrong all you have to do is decide you are going to stop it going wrong. Forget what you have read in the papers. You are safe. You will be OK. You have this amazing power of manifestation so when you choose to bring forth positivity in your world, positivity, no matter what else it's doing or who else it's supporting or what other activities it was currently engaged in goes, 'Ooh, I'm being called for. I had better go over here.' You can keep calling for it. Positivity never turns to you and says, 'You know what, you've had enough of me. Now you will have to manage with some negativity because I'm too busy and you've used me up.'

There is as much good fortune, as much psychological support, as much material support from a world that wants you to be feeling truly blessed as you could wish for.


There will be moments in 2013 where it seems as if everything your heart could ever want is actually happening. In fact, you may have to try to make it happen a little less often. You may need to weigh your ability to see the best in people against the need to recognise reality.

Might you, over time, have become too willing to make allowances for someone who really needs to learn better behaviour? Has a past relationship provided a kind of unsatisfactory shelter that seemingly keeps loneliness at bay, yet lets in the rain of unsatisfactory compromise? Next year alllows you to release more of your creative potential. This, in turn, may require you to think more carefully about where you give your heart. You'll have no shortage of admirers, just opportunities to heal relationships which have been stressful. But most importantly, you'll grow able to enjoy a romance that produces constructive, creative, confidence in every area of your life.


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