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Sagittarius Eclipse Horoscope

6th May 2023

Kings are mighty. Queens are graceful. Nobility act with dignity and class. Except, of course, when they don't! Even the most regal of royals needs to enjoy being normal and escape from their stiff public image. As the zodiac's supposed happy-go-lucky, fun-loving optimists, I suspect Sagittarians may relate to this idea. But the Coronation Eclipse insists you needn't live life according to anyone else's rule. As long as what you're doing feels right, you're unlikely to be making a mistake. But it's all very well imagining ourselves doing what makes us feel fulfilled. The trickier part is following through with it. The Eclipse is helping you to see where you have the autonomy and power to make the changes to realise your dreams. As Jupiter prepares to change signs and align with Pluto and Mars, it's not too late to begin living the lifestyle you've longed for. You may find yourself wishing you'd started this journey earlier, but the sooner you recognise which facades you've outgrown, the more joyful and free your heart will feel.

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