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Sat, 24th February 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: Something you need is in short supply. With a bit of luck, you'll have enough of it to do what you need to do. But you're concerned that if something goes wrong, you'll find yourself in an unfortunate position where you have to let someone down. The mere idea of this is making you feel extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, you're a resourceful Sagittarian. And with the cosmos highlighting your ingenuity you can use your skills to find an alternative resource. If you stay calm, and think creatively, you'll manage a tricky situation with style.

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Sagittarius -

Sagittarius - Your February Monthly Horoscope: Life is precious. The trouble is we get so caught up in it that we forget each moment, breath, thought and feeling is a gift. So is every experience and encounter. We rarely remember this. We just get on with our lives. And sadly, we tend to focus more on worrying than on enjoying ourselves. But challenges and troubles are gifts too! Your outlook, in February, is promising. But success depends on your attitude. By being as positive as you can be (even when dealing with the inevitable stressful moments) you'll make exciting progress.

Sagittarius - Yesterday's Forecast:
You're motivated and ready for action. Which is perfect because there's an issue you want to bring to people's attention. So, how are you going to go about it? Is there anyone of influence in your contacts? When you want to make a difference, don't you need to go straight to the top? Fortunately, the people you know, know other people. With your energy and passion, you can make use of the Full Moon energy. This weekend, if you share your ideas, you'll create a groundswell of opinion that supports the change you wish to see.

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

Sagittarius - Thu Feb 22, 2024:
We know there are always (at least) two sides to every story. And different ways of looking at any situation. But when we're in the middle of something tricky we tend to only see things from our perspective. The ability to stand back and make an objective assessment is a skill. And sometimes, we only access it when we start doubting things that once seemed obvious. Indecision is uncomfortable... but it's not a weakness. It can be a sign of wisdom. Don't accept an easy answer today. Question what you see before reaching a decision.

Sagittarius - Wed Feb 21, 2024:
Despite the challenges planet Earth and its inhabitants are experiencing, some people think we're going through a consciousness revolution. That on an individual level we're becoming increasingly aware of the connections between ourselves and the rest of the world, and are more willing to recognise the consequences of our actions and choices. We're less inclined to live in ignorance and denial. Does this strike a chord with you? In your life now, you might be facing difficult truths. But you're gaining more power and influence.

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Sagittarius - Tue Feb 20, 2024:
You're a good person to have on a team. Being open-minded and enthusiastic, you can draw people together and inspire them to work cooperatively. But it's challenging when you don't feel they're showing the same degree of commitment as you. If someone in your world isn't as engaged with an idea/project as you want them to be, you can find a way to enthuse them. Their lack of motivation stems from the fact that they don't feel as if they're doing a good enough job. Let go of your frustration. And their attitude will change.

Sagittarius - Mon Feb 19, 2024:
Since there's so much misunderstanding and miscommunication around, it makes you wonder why we bother talking. All across the planet, people are constantly expressing what's on their hearts and minds. Yet we don't seem to make much progress when it comes to understanding one another. What's going on? It's not hard to figure it out. We talk, but we struggle to listen. If you have a chance to engage in an important conversation today, remember to put your effort into the difficult part as well as the easy bit!

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Sagittarius - Sun Feb 18, 2024:
Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You've been blessed with a long memory. But it doesn't always work in your favour. Your recollections can make it more difficult to put the past behind you and let go of old emotions. Yet forgiveness isn't about forgetting. Of course, it's valuable/essential to learn from your relationship past, and be aware of people's traits, but there's no guarantee people won't repeat their actions. Your power this week, lies in altering the way you respond to an annoying, repetitive experience. It's your compassion that will initiate change.

Sagittarius: - Sat Feb 17, 2024:
Your Weekly Horoscope: It's not like you're looking for a series of miracles. One would do. It doesn't even need to be particularly spectacular. Actually, a few serendipitous moments would do the trick. So, you'll be pleased to hear that this week's celestial climate encourages you to believe in the unbelievable. There are ways to deal with the challenges you face. No matter how improbably difficult they seem you'll realise you've got the skills and talents to cope. You don't need a miracle. You just need to believe in your own resourcefulness.

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Sagittarius - Fri Feb 16, 2024:
Are you expecting a stressful situation? Are you predicting trouble ahead? In these crazy times it's not easy to be optimistic. Even Sagittarians (who are hopeful by nature), sometimes struggle to look ahead with enthusiasm. And you've had challenges to deal with recently; they've knocked your confidence. Yet having a negative attitude doesn't suit you. Today brings an opportunity to do something pleasing and exciting. Be as positive as you can be, and you'll have reasons to look ahead, with confidence, and a smile.

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