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Tarot Card Reading

When you want the answer to a very specific question, you need a Tarot Reading. These extraordinary and unique interpretations of the Tarot will tell you what you need to know and what you need to do.

Watch a short sample of a Tarot Reading

A tarot reading currently costs just £5.95 (USD$7.35 - EUR €6.95 - CAD$9.65 - AUS$9.75)

As you focus your energy and honor the ancient wisdom of the Tarot you will be transported to a time and place beyond the intense pressures of our modern world. A Tarot Reading places you at the center of your own universe and you will feel the connection to something truly powerful.

Your reading will last between ten and fifteen minutes and it really will provide the most pertinent answer to the question you pose.

Take a few moments, contemplate your question, open your mind and your heart and be ready to hear what the Tarot cards have to tell you.

Whatever you want to know, now is the time to find out.

A tarot reading currently costs just £5.95 (USD$7.35 - EUR €6.95 - CAD$9.65 - AUS$9.75)

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