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What it means to have Moon in...

by Jemima Cainer

Most people know their Sun Sign. Nowadays, because it is so easy to find information about astrology on the internet, many of us know our moon sign too. The signs of the zodiac are the same. But the way we experience the character of the zodiac in our lives is very different depending on which planet is where... If you already know the difference between a Sun and Moon sign, then feel free to keep reading past this ignore what I am about to tell you and skip ahead to the juicy bits!

The reason that many people give for not believing in Astrology, is often because they find that their sign just doesn't quite make sense to them. Some of us connect much more easily or find a deeper affinity with the sign of the zodiac that the Moon was in when we were born. We are all, so much more than our Sun signs.

The Sun sign is one part of our character that gives us our outlook on life. It shapes who we are and influences the main story we tell as we make our mark on the world. What makes us complex nuanced beings with a range of differences and our own unique characters, is the collection of all the influences in our birth chart.

Your Moon sign is the part of you that is hidden. It is what lies below the surface, but probably sums up how you really feel about life and everything in it. The Moon rules over our emotional selves. It governs our reactions, how we interact with our own instincts, how we nurture and care for others, what we need from relationships and can even describe our relationship to our own mothers.

Knowing and understanding your Moon sign is the first step to knowing your true self. It is the very first key to unlocking your astrological love language, and to understanding what it is you really need from relationships and life.

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