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Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

by Jemima Cainer
Sat, 13th Apr

A Cosmic Catalyst for Change

Once every 14 years or so, the paths of Jupiter and Uranus cross resulting in a conjunction between these two giants. These events spark a transformative energy which often marks a generation, heralding shifts both personal and collective. The upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, on the 21st of April in the sign of Taurus, is poised to bring about some groundbreaking changes which are sure to impact our personal lives as well as shake things up on a global scale.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth. Whenever it joins forces with another planet, it tends to exaggerate the qualities of that planet. In a conjunction, the forces of Jupiter are amplifying Uranian qualities of pushing boundaries and seeking higher truth. Uranus is not just a force for rebellion and revolution, though these qualities are mightily important in this mix! Uranus also represents shocks of all kinds.

Uranus can be considered a little bit like Mercury's big brother. What Mercury may play as a trick - Uranus tends to take that bit further. Uranus can be bolshy in the way it pushes boundaries. In Taurus, the fixed sign of traditions and values, there is much to kick back against. The shifts which spill from this union are likely to speed up the emerging generational themes which we are already seeing.

Gen "Z-A"

'Gen Z' and the upcoming 'Gen Alpha' are super woke and exceptionally interested in understanding themselves and their identity. They are also good-humoured and compassionate! Their vision for a fairer world, the value they place on how they choose to live, is about to find a catalytic boost of support. Jupiter's faith-seeking influence could see a rise in those who are pushing for recognition of the complexities of human nature and growth in the demand for all people to feel comfortable and for their rights to be upheld. Taurean energy is notoriously determined. What may have been classed as 'just a fad' could find empowerment through this cosmic event and find a surprising resurgence of energy to double down on efforts to push through.

Wherever there is rebellion, there is inevitably a clampdown - but with Saturn in Pisces now there is real promise of compassion to underpin these shifts and to lend humanism to policies created in the aftermath of this conjunction.


The last times that these planets converged, were in 2010 and again in 2011, due to retrograde. Reflecting on past instances of this celestial event may evoke memories of upheaval. Cast your mind back to what was happening for you in 2011 and ask yourself, what has been learned since then? This conjunction is not just a point of disruption in stale cycles but a promise of exciting and surprising opportunities arising amidst the chaos. Uranus blows everything into the air to reveal the underlying truth.

Though this can feel chaotic to process, hidden gems are revealed, and the strength of connections are tested. The process of change is never comfortable, but this event reminds us that it is necessary to find greater fulfilment and authenticity.

Freedom and Choice

Politically, the convergence of Jupiter and Uranus signals a call for freedom and choice. Those with keen recollection may recall the flurry of referendums during previous conjunctions, underscoring the drive for autonomy and self-determination. With elections on the horizon in the Western world, the stage is set for a potentially seismic shift, and one that may not necessarily align with consensus or follow expected traditions. The combined influence of these planets can be disruptive, paving the way for radical changes in financial systems, and societal norms.

This celestial phenomenon prompts us to reassess our values and also our relationship with resources. As Jupiter and Uranus collaborate, there's a palpable sense of revolution in the air, particularly in realms such as AI and cryptocurrency. Outmoded models of banking and resource management may face unprecedented challenges, giving rise to innovative solutions and decentralised frameworks. But resistance to these changes is being highlighted too - we are likely to see pushback against 'going cashless' and a yearning for human contact and authentic creativity in a world of ever-increasing reliance on technology and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Frankenstein

Drawing parallels to Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," which was infamously published during a previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, underscores the theme of disruption to the status quo. There is great empowerment to be found through this conjunction - a foothold for the underdog. This great work also serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the importance of tempering radical impulses with prudence and foresight and of the Venus-driven requirement for harmony to be found through acquiring a balance between innovation, and the pricelessness of genuine human-connected experience. While Jupiter and Uranus champion freedom and restructuring, their unchecked fervour can lead to unintended consequences which create upheaval for those who are reliant on what is being left behind.


Despite the potential for upheaval, this cosmic configuration offers reassurance in the form of auspicious alignments. The presence of a kite formation hints at positivity and favourable outcomes, tempering the disruptive energy with a sense of balance. Taurus, a fixed sign ruled by Venus, lends stability to the conjunction, emphasising the importance of careful consideration amid upheaval. The positioning of Mars, Saturn, and Neptune in compassionate Pisces underscores the need for humanitarian restraint, guiding us to navigate change with empathy and wisdom.

Mercury's retrograde in Aries

Mercury's retrograde in Aries during this period serves as a blessing in disguise, providing an opportunity for reflection and strategic planning amidst the tumult. Meanwhile, the influence of the Moon in Virgo urges caution and practicality, advocating for measured steps forward. As the Moon transitions into Libra following the conjunction, it emphasises the importance of balance and harmony, encouraging us to seek equilibrium amid uncertainty and to find a way to harmonise the power of this conjunction within our own lives and the values we choose to live by.


This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction represents a cosmic catalyst for change. What no longer works is being blown apart - not to be destroyed, but to be put back into a sense of order which allows for something new to grow which is both beautiful and true. These changes can be exceptionally positive, especially if we consciously exercise caution and compassion as we navigate the period of inevitable growth. The tides of societal, political, and technological evolution are shifting. May we heed the lessons of the past and chart a course towards a more equitable and harmonious future.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

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