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New Moon in Cancer

by Jemima Cainer

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The New Moon in Cancer, on the 5th of July, is in conjunction with Venus. What we truly need now, nurturing, understanding and care, is on offer. Under this New Moon we feel compelled to build up a world around ourselves which we can feel safe in. To grow ourselves a cosy cocoon to rest and regenerate in, in order to recreate ourselves as whole.

The New Moon in Cancer has a profoundly maternal energy. With Venus's influence too we are being refocused on feathering our metaphorical nests, preparing for a beautiful new arrival in our lives, in the form of a New Moon Blessing.

Cardinal Cancerian energy is flowing now. It prompts us to take the initiative and to put our energy to work in order to create something new from a place of empathy and compassion. This is no easy job, but it is promising to be deeply rewarding.

Maternal energy does not just flow through women, or through those of us who become biological mothers. We are all blessed with a part of ourselves which is ruled over by the sign of the Crab. It is where we nurture and take care of what we feel is most important, where we foster our intuition and prioritise our time in order to grow something in our life to its fullest potential.

It is where we find our sense of home and creative purpose. Even if we do not know first-hand the work which comes from caring for a newborn human infant, we all know the feeling of giving our all. Of utterly sacrificing to the sole purpose of raising something which we feel in our soul comes through us.

We can all relate to the relentless work it takes to nurture something from that first spark of life to a point of relative independence. Venus and this New Moon are reminding us that such work is a privilege. To be immersed in the process of raising an idea, an intention, or a creation, is undoubtedly extremely hard work. It is also hard to know when to let go. To trust that we have done what we can and to step back enough to allow a new phase of development to begin.

This New Moon in Cancer is encouraging us to remember where we came from. How strong we are. And, that even when things feel tough, we are tougher.

Such toughness only comes from knowing our inner self well enough to honour where we are soft too. To let emotions carry us forwards, and back, like a tide. To move when we are called and to do what feels right. With this flow of cosmic Cancerian support, we grow a little wiser every time we allow the feelings which come to wash over us. The New Moon is moving us along, caring for us and bringing us to a place which is right for us. The Universe knows what is best. Connecting with our intuition now allows us to surrender to that higher power of the Mother.

To trust that the goddess who birthed us knows what we need and will stop at nothing to provide it for us. Whatever our relationship is with our own maternal figures, here on earth, the Moon in this role gives us truly unconditional love. Reborn now in Cancer in conjunction with beautiful, peaceful Venus her love is re-energised. It flows like milk, ready for us to tap into and drink what we need to heal the hurts of this planet. Healing energy flows into us and supports us to grow stronger.

The Trine to Saturn in this chart, in Pisces, is immersing us in the waters of healing. There is a powerful connection to the karmic energy of the past. This Moon has a long memory. Under this New Moon, we are drawn to reflect on where we are coming from and to set intentions to protect ourselves from previous harsh experiences. To use those memories to fuel us and sustain our desire for a future where we can be whole and secure.

There is a fierce and powerful cosmic wave of protective force being cast over what we create now, and the intentions and decisions we make under this Moon.

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