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How do Eclipses affect us?

by Jemima Cainer
Sat, 16th Mar

Human imagination has always been fascinated and inspired by the Eclipse season. The dance between the Earth and the Luminaries, the Sun and Moon, cast shadows across one another and evoke a sense of deeply significant symbolism. These events have profound significance and signify moments of change and transformation. The literal shadows that move across either the sun or Moon during an eclipse are interpreted by Astrologers to be revealing.


Often, what has been hidden or obscured is made clear through an Eclipse. These events are potent portals for self actualisation and manifestation and, by developing your consciousness and tapping into their unique energy, you can harness the power of these celestial events and use it in your own life.

At their core, eclipses occur when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align in such a way that either the Moon (a lunar eclipse) or the Sun (a solar eclipse) is obscured from view. From an astronomical perspective, these events are fascinating displays of celestial mechanics, but from an astrological standpoint, they carry deeper implications.

Eclipses are seen as amplifiers of the energies associated with the signs and houses in which they occur, setting the stage for significant personal and collective transformation. Eclipses demand change, and, because change and progress come only from growth, they often signify events or experiences which can feel deeply uprooting to us.

Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses take place during the New Moon phase when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the earth as it crosses the face of the Sun. In astrology, a solar eclipse marks a potent new beginning, a bit like a cosmic reset button that opens doors to fresh opportunities and possibilities. Potential is amplified and so is creative power. An 'Aha' moment often occurs at a Solar Eclipse, emotionally we may feel like we finally find the missing piece to whatever we have been puzzling over.

The area of life affected by a solar eclipse is determined by its zodiacal placement and the astrological house it falls in, as well as any aspects which connect the event to the other planets. Generally speaking though, these tend to bring about news, and usually good news! Solar eclipses demand change, but the forces at play are helpful. They often push you along to a new situation or spark off an event which really transforms the landscape of your life and forces you to really see your situation.

Keeping it Real

These Eclipses highlight areas of our life which do not align with our authentic self, or reflect our spiritual purpose. These areas of our lives are catalysed into action and intentions set at these points can be especially powerful.

Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses occur during the Full Moon phase when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, causing the Earth's shadow to fall on the lunar surface. From an astrological perspective, lunar eclipses symbolise culmination, release, and emotional illumination. They often bring hidden feelings to the surface, prompting us to confront and resolve deep-seated issues and they can signify endings too. The astrological house and zodiac sign of a lunar eclipse offer clues about the areas of life where this emotional catharsis is likely to occur.

Lunar eclipses tend to bring about dramatic events in a person's life. Often they bring news or a surprise. Under a Lunar eclipse we often feel inclined to 'spill our hearts', to speak out and bring up whatever we are feeling to the surface. Sometimes, this can be incredibly healing, but, depending on what is going on in a person's life, this can lead to situations becoming unnecessarily exacerbated.

Full Moons

A Lunar eclipse occurs at a Full Moon, when emotions run at their highest. We often feel defensive, or very vulnerable during an Eclipse and though these events are great for bringing unconscious emotions to the surface, they can cause irreparable rifts when honesty is amplified to the point of outburst. Patience is advisable when it comes to dealing with what comes up for you in these times. Give things a little time to settle before you speak out on them because feelings can shift quickly during an eclipse.

Astrologers view eclipses as potent triggers for personal and collective evolution. They often catalyse major shifts and changes which have been unconsciously rumbling along. The effects of an Eclipse tend to have rippling repercussions, like a stone thrown into a pond, these ripples can be traced back to the pivotal moment of the eclipse.

In addition to their immediate effects, eclipses are often associated with karmic themes and processes of ancestral healing. They may bring fated encounters, karmic reckonings, or the culmination of bringing long-standing unconscious patterns to a point where they can be recognised and addressed in a person's life. An eclipse is an important moment to look inwards and to recognise your inner truth, to practise reflection and to realign yourself with your deeper purpose. Solar Eclipses are a powerful time to set intentions, whereas Lunar eclipses encourage us to let go, to move on and to release.

Lunar Impact

Eclipses are not only significant for our personal development and life events but also have a collective impact. In Astrology, the Moon represents the public and these events tend to herald major shifts in public behaviour. Often, an Eclipse will coincide with pivotal moments in history, reflecting the zeitgeist of the times. Societal upheavals, political transformations, and cultural revolutions are amplified and often have lasting repercussions.

Eclipses can be intensely healing and transformative for individuals and for societies too. But all processes of change bring some discomfort. Boundaries may be redefined and we often feel a little vulnerable as we learn to renavigate relationships or situations which have shifted following an eclipse.

Eclipses serve as a powerful reminder of our infinite ability to transform and grow. We may not reinvent ourselves each time, but each Eclipse blesses us with an opportunity to learn, to develop consciousness and to recommit to living a life which reflects who we are, and what we truly value.

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