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Your June Monthly Forecast June 2017 

The monthly forecasts are usually published on the first Saturday of each month. If you'd like to read yours up to 2 weeks in advance then why not join the 5 Star Service?

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With the Solstice, and increased Lunar powers, June is an exciting month for astrologers. But it's the end of this particular June that has caught this astrologer's eye. The Mercury-Mars conjunction links to Jupiter and Neptune and opposes Pluto. It speaks of powerful ideas leading to dramatic action... of our minds being free to help us embark on an inspiring journey. This would be compelling at any time but, in a Solstice month, possibilities begin to look more like certainties.

Do you want to be happier and more fulfilled? Do you want to look forward to a brighter future? Of course you do... and I want you to help you. That's why I'm so pleased to let you know that until the end of June, there's another chance to get a 20% Discount on a full personal horoscope. You'll be amazed by what you find out. Download yours here.

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