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Your Zodiac Sign, the Truth - Capricorn

by Jonathan Cainer

capricorn Zodiac Sign

The Myth:
The textbooks imply that Capricorns are dreadfully dull. They paint these people as seriously sensible, practical planners who are diligent, dedicated and industrious. Allegedly their only aim in life is to get things together and then hold them there. Nowhere in the summary of this sign is there a mention of spontaneity or imagination.
The Truth:
Statistics prove that, if you were born under Capricorn, you are less likely to believe in astrology. Some think that this is because Capricorns are too "down to earth". Actually though, it's because they don't like the description of their sign. And who can blame them? These ambitious high achievers have better things to do with lives than correct moronic misconceptions. Capricorns may be capable characters but they have plenty of mystery and sensitivity in their souls. They also have plenty of fire in their bellies. These passionate, adventurous and mischievous people also just so happen to be highly intelligent. They can instantly see that if folk want to jump to the wrong conclusion about them, it will only help them run rings round the rest of the human race!
The Key To Success:
If you are a Capricorn, you belong not to the sign of the goat but to the sign of the sea-goat; a mythical creature that represents "the doorway to another world". Remember this and have more faith in the visions and ideas that constantly flood through your busy brain. Believe in yourself, not the nonsense that they speak about your sign.
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