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Virgo, The Decade 2010 - 2020

virgo Zodiac Sign

'Things can only get better.' This song became the anthem, in Britain at least, of a political party. Soon after they sung it, things did, indeed, get better for them. But the jury is still out on how much better things then got for the wider world. So I quote it with caution. After the few years you've just been through, almost anything would be an improvement. Yet the last decade started out so well. And are you now destined to see another false dawn? Or will they indeed, keep getting better for you, but only at the expense of others? If you weren't a Virgo, I wouldn't ask such questions. I'd just big up your opportunities. If, though, there's one thing you're good at (besides being incredibly wise, clever and kind) it's worrying. So if your forecast doesn't reflect a few things you may need to fret about, you're not going to relate to it. Are those enough ways in which it could all go wrong? Then let me tell you the truth about this decade that will take Uranus out of your opposite sign and replace it with Neptune. It's going to be as calm as the last decade was chaotic and it's going to take you as close to the fulfilment of one of your dearest dreams as you've ever dared hope to get.

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