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Virgo, Year Ahead 2022

virgo Zodiac Sign

2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope

The new year lets you reach a deeper self-understanding, and realise how to maximise your potential. Unusually, curious, fast-thinking Mercury, your ruler, moves retrograde four times this year. All these transits involve earth signs (including yours), so you can handle any disruptions and use the time to reset your sights.

April's Jupiter/Neptune link, in your opposite sign, highlights new self-awareness. You might need to move gently as you let go of inhibitions and embrace the upgraded version of you. Your efforts to transcend barriers will be enhanced as you create new relationships with people who do their best to help you.

Lucky Jupiter's frequent changes of signs will play to your strengths. In relationships, through open-hearted sharing, and honest communication, you'll be free to explore opportunities for growth within old and new friendships. Be ready to experience generosity that was once hidden. If you're seeking someone special, be prepared to be surprised. Impulsive Uranus in Taurus continues to encourage you to boldly step out of your comfort zone. Good things await!

You can surpass your expectations - so aim high. You can drive projects forwards and ensure good ideas have impact. In 2022, if you seize opportunities to share your insights, you'll gain recognition and benefits that enrich your life.

Luck and Money

Under Jupiter's powerful influence, the more you invest in key partnerships the greater their growth will be. Maybe this means having less control than you're used to. But, however hungry you are for achievement, there's enough going round to satisfy your appetite. In allowing others the freedom to maximise their potential, you stand to benefit from - and receive credit for - new, exciting success.

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