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Virgo Horoscope

Sat, 24th February 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: Nature doesn't have to follow rules and adhere to regulations. Birds don't have to get permission from air traffic control before taking off. Plants don't need to apply for planning permission before taking root. Clouds don't have to announce their desire to meet together before gathering en masse. This week, despite the conventions you need to follow, there are opportunities to be spontaneous. If you bring a ray of sunshine into whatever comes your way, you can free yourself (and others) from a constricting situation, and have fun.

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Virgo -

Virgo - Your February Monthly Horoscope: Life in February, might feel a bit like a puzzle. Based on a series of clues, you've got various mysteries to solve. But with your ruler, Mercury, in Aquarius, you're going to be good at this! If you work out what you know for sure, make some educated guesses, then test your guesses against the facts, you'll end up with the insight to formulate an excellent plan. Yes, there will be moments of confusion. And it might involve taking a risk or two, but by the end of the month, you'll be moving towards a more exciting, fulfilling future.

Virgo - Yesterday's Forecast:
Suppose someone has hypnotised you and you're in a trance-like state? When you hear a specific word, you're going to be triggered into doing something silly? Heffalump! There, I said it! Did you exhibit any crazy behaviour? Of course not! I'm playing with you! But it's to show you that you sometimes have extreme reactions in response to unconscious associations. With the Full Moon focusing on you, if you manage to keep your cool you can use its powers creatively and do good this weekend. Just don't overreact!

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Virgo - Thu Feb 22, 2024:
When you arrived on planet Earth, you broke the mold. Which explains why you sometimes feel like no one quite knows how to handle you. And why people sometimes assume you're completely normal! They're just trying to apply the rules they adhere to, to you. You can't blame them for this. It is just that since they're not particularly remarkable, they don't expect you to be. The problem, is that sometimes, you forget your uniqueness, and doubt your abilities. Don't do that today. Whatever daunts you is dealable with.

Virgo - Wed Feb 21, 2024:
When you think back to how the world was when you were a kid, how does it compare to now? In lots of ways, it has changed a lot. And there's no reason to suggest that the future won't be equally different. In these crazy times, the only thing we can be sure of is that change is waiting around the corner. You're changing too. Every day. So, is your situation. Although this might sound unsettling it's exactly as it's supposed to be. To fix something that doesn't feel right in your world, you just need a sense of perspective.

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Virgo - Tue Feb 20, 2024:
The Sun in your opposite sign has a magnifying effect. Your most optimistic ideas feel more realistic. The challenge, is that your concerns seem more powerful too. Which means you're swinging between extremes. One minute, you're confident about what action to take. The next, you're uncertain. It's hard to know which direction to head towards. But this is a temporary state. It's part of a process that leads to clarity. Be patient. Try not to overreact to any new developments. It won't be long before you know exactly what to do.

Virgo - Mon Feb 19, 2024:
Why go to the trouble of making plans today? What's the point in trying to set a process in motion? After all, how can you be sure that the timing is right? Since the circumstances aren't exactly ideal, wouldn't it make sense to wait for things to improve? Hmmm... when it comes to procrastination, we're all experts. Perfect timing is a rarity. And when opportunities present themselves, they're always accompanied by reasons not to take them. If you want something to happen in your world now, stop hesitating. Go for it!

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Virgo - Sun Feb 18, 2024:
Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Suppose you could stop worrying about something that seems to be coming to an end, and focus on what's about to begin? You're in the process of moving on from an unsatisfactory arrangement (or agreement). You put up with it for so long because it gave you a sense of security. Which is why you're feeling uncertain. Yet you're on a path that leads to brighter possibilities. This week be open to sharing your worries. If you accept support, you can forge a bond that lasts, and becomes integral to the changes coming your way.

Virgo: - Sat Feb 17, 2024:
Your Weekly Horoscope: Why does life have to be challenging? Why can't we just cruise along, gliding through the waves that come our way? Although that might sound ideal, we need those downs as well as those ups. Like day and night, both are essential. If we just floated through life, we'd never bother to improve ourselves and change. You've been through some rough seas recently. But this week, you'll realise how valuable those challenging experiences have been. Put up your sail, catch the wind... and let it carry you to a rewarding destination.

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Virgo - Fri Feb 16, 2024:
Our friends and loved ones don't always live close by. We might not see people we care about very often. But that doesn't mean we forget them. Even though we can't remember every detail about their physical traits, the information has been carefully filed away in the hard-drive of our minds. And it's ready to be accessed when we need it. We store all sorts of facts and experiences. You're doubting your ability to deal with a challenge. But you've got the knowledge you need. Under this cosmic climate, you can access it.

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