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Weekly Love Virgo Horoscope

Sunday, 18 February 2024

virgo Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Suppose you could stop worrying about something that seems to be coming to an end, and focus on what's about to begin? You're in the process of moving on from an unsatisfactory arrangement (or agreement). You put up with it for so long because it gave you a sense of security. Which is why you're feeling uncertain. Yet you're on a path that leads to brighter possibilities. This week be open to sharing your worries. If you accept support, you can forge a bond that lasts, and becomes integral to the changes coming your way.

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

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