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virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Eclipse Horoscope

6th May 2023

In ancient royal courts the 'jester' or 'fool' played a pivotal role. They said the unsayable and mocked those in power so that their viewpoints wouldn't go unchallenged. There's no mistaking you for a clown, but you have a similar ability to point out inconsistencies. A joker's role afforded them some protection, but your own position offers no such amnesty! As the Coronation Eclipse arrives, opposite your ruler in retrograde, it highlights where the manner of delivery is holding a message back. Your ideas are intelligent and your perspective is worth listening to. But if someone's failing to grasp a crucial concept it may need reframing for their understanding. Fortunately that doesn't mean compromising your principles or dumbing down beyond recognition. It simply asks you to unite around common causes that ignite a similar passion for progress. Soon, when Mercury turns direct, it forms a Minor Grand Trine with Venus and Saturn to focus on a communication breakthrough. In laying the groundwork now, you can ensure that anyone who doubts the value of your input will seem foolish!

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