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Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Cancer, Sunday, 9 May 2021

Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: 'It's the little things you don't do; and it's the big things I don't say'. Songwriter Conor Hirons' wry lyric about relationships refers to the things that get in the way of domestic bliss. Whether it's a wrangle about the washing-up or who puts the rubbish out, domestic blisters occur in every relationship. The secret, is not to let everyday issues undermine what we build with our nearest and dearest. As Jupiter moves into a new home, the time is right for an honest discussion about fairness and balance in a key relationship. But wait, there's more to you than your sun-sign reading. You should read your personal horoscope report. Inside you'll find page after page of insights and predictions all about your personality and what's in store for you in the future. You can download a personal horoscope chart here

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