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Cancer, Year Ahead 2022

cancer Zodiac Sign

2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope

2022 is your year to banish any idea of not being good enough. Success is heading your way, though you might need to 'fake it till you make it!' The year's key celestial event, April's Jupiter/Neptune link, encourages your confidence and expands your vision. There's no guarantee all your dreams will come true. But you can grow into who you need to be to get where you want to go. What you don't yet know, you can learn. Accept this new attitude, it will change your life.

This liberating process won't pit you against people you care about. With lucky Jupiter's changes of signs you can explore aspects of you that you don't confidently express. The important people in your life will support your journey. It is good news for them too, because, by June's Solstice in Cancer, their investments (emotional or financial) will see positive results.

With the help of November's Lunar Eclipse, powerful alliances help you discover new ways to find mutually beneficial success.

In these tumultuous times, 2022 won't be a secure oasis of calm. But, with the resources coming your way, tremendous growth is possible. Even if you sometimes feel like you're only just clinging on, this is one ride you can't afford to miss!

Luck and Money

The planet of wealth and extravagance, Jupiter, helps you receive greater recognition for your achievements this year. It bodes well for your burgeoning reputation. But Mars' activity suggests it won't come without sacrificing some personal desires. The trick is in finding the balance between financial gain and meaningful growth. Yet this is one bargain you'll have the maturity and experience to strike.

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