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New Moon July 2022
Yesterday's Horoscope for Taurus
Monday, 15 August 2022

taurus Zodiac Sign

Come on! Get yourself together! Jump to it! Switch to a higher gear and get cracking! We don't have all day! Actually, take that back... although you're feeling highly pressurised, is the situation you're dealing with really that urgent? Who says it's critical? What would be so terrible about taking your time? Sometimes, we intensify the pressure and ramp up our stress levels by refusing to let ourselves off the hook. Give yourself permission to go more slowly and be uncertain today. It may well prove to be highly appropriate! The effects of the last Supermoon of 2022 are still with us. Expect the unexpected, the magical, the surprising. People who you thought you knew well, will do things you would never have predicted. Events may take an unexpected turn. Revelations and fresh insights abound. And... just for the Last Supermoon of 2022, 50% Off all Birth Charts, plus a free Personal Profile. (OFFER ENDS TODAY)

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