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Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Yesterday's Horoscope for Aries
Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Zodiac Sign

'Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong, but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists'. The most important word in this quote (from political commentator Thomas L. Friedman) is the word 'usually'. In fact, people with a negative attitude aren't always wrong, and people who think the best aren't always right. You face a situation that seems to be impossible to resolve. It's confusing, because you can also see that it holds potential. Mercury's change of direction helps you work out what to do. If you were looking for time to put aside to better understand yourself and reconnect to the sunshine in your life, then there is no better time to call on the universe for direction than during the Solstice. Join us in honouring this moment as we celebrate with a completely free "Personal Profile" Birth Chart with every order, plus 30% off all your Personal Horoscope Charts (LAST CHANCE)

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