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Aries, Year Ahead 2022

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2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope

What a start to the year! Your ruler, Mars, is in fiery Sagittarius. The heat's on and your energy's high. You can stay motivated. Later, in August, when your dynamic ruler moves into quick-thinking Gemini, its energy will impact your thoughts as well as your feelings. Desire for change will lead you to question past decisions. Just don't let doubt undermine your relationships.

Auspicious Jupiter is in your sign from May until October, bringing a heap of good luck. You'll enjoy a surge in your self-belief, helping you broaden your social horizons. Benevolent Jupiter will also inspire unselfishness, if you share your experiences with those closest to you.

The key to relationship success, at work, study or at home, in romantic or non-romantic situations, lies in maintaining open communication. A shared approach will help you recognise that you can't always go it alone. Even superheroes need to team up for the greater good!

Be brave and express your emotions; you'll solve many of the dilemmas that confuse you. With faith and the courage of your convictions, 2022's opportunities enable you to lead special people, even a special 'someone', on a memorable, inspiring journey.

Luck and Money

Jupiter, the planet of wealth, luck and growth enters your sign in May. With a new, direct line to the source of celestial credit, expect your resources to expand. But with Mars, your ruler, turning retrograde this year, deciding what to spend it on may prove a trickier 'challenge! Focusing on progress, rather than protection, will help you avoid buyer's remorse' and work towards sustained success.

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