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Sat, 24th February 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: Why, when there are so many different flavours to choose between, do we tend to stick to the same tried and tested options? Whether we're sweet-toothed chocolate fans, or we prefer savoury treats, we don't tend to be very adventurous with our food. Yet in life, sometimes we need to try different experiences. They can turn out to be surprisingly pleasurable. You're dealing with a problematic situation. But, just like when you're tasting something new, if you try to like it, it could end up being very satisfying.

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

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Aries -

Aries - Your February Monthly Horoscope: You're not the only Aries on planet Earth. Actually, you're one of over half a billion! So, what's unique about you? Lots! Which makes you wonder how I can predict that February's going to be a good month for all of you. Yet there are billions of different ways to feel good! And with your ruler, Mars, having such a powerful impact on the astrological outlook, you're in a particularly good position to take advantage of the good things coming your way. Stop doubting your right to happiness, and seize the gifts. They're meant for you.

Aries - Yesterday's Forecast:
Some people seem to get away with all sorts of transgressions. They don't play by the rules. They push boundaries like they're made of elastic, and don't seem to suffer from any consequences. Other folk find themselves being pulled up for the most minor of offences. What's that about? Is it all down to luck? In a way it is. Yet natural justice has a strange way of working. No one can escape their own conscience. In the end, everything catches up with everyone. This weekend brings satisfying reparations in your world.

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

Aries - Thu Feb 22, 2024:
A boat's not going to be any use if you're trying to get somewhere and you're landlocked. And if you're in the middle of the ocean there's no point having a car. Vehicles that work in both environments tend to be uncomfortable; you wouldn't want to travel long distances in one. Since you're trying to work out the best way to cope with the journey you face, it would help if you assessed the territory you're headed towards. If you're hoping to fast track to your destination, make sure you're equipped with the knowledge you need.

Aries - Wed Feb 21, 2024:
If you had access to a time-machine and could nip back and alter an aspect of your past, what would you change? If you could travel into the future, what would you do to ensure your happiness? For sure, tweaking the past would have an effect on your present. But the future? Surely anything that happens there is pure conjecture? So, does that mean we just have to be able to accept where we are, and what we're dealing with? Not quite. If you alter your understanding of an aspect of your history, it could improve everything.

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Aries - Tue Feb 20, 2024:
Artists and poets help us see beyond the obvious. When it comes to creative writing, we don't want technically precise details; our interest is piqued by the message, and the emotions lying behind the actuality. It's time to check whether you're taking a pragmatic or a creative approach to the challenge you face. Are you looking at it in a logical way? Or using your imaginative powers to see what it might become? If you allow yourself to be less accurate, and more inspired, you'll find a way to transform a tricky situation.

Aries - Mon Feb 19, 2024:
It's tempting to think about what's not working. But do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? Suppose, instead of focusing on the negatives, you turn your thoughts to what would make everything right, and formulate an action plan that will make it your reality? You've got more power than you think. It might feel as if someone else holds all the cards, (and has more influence than you), but they're bound by limits and problems you can't see. Be firm and clear today. You can start to affect the change you wish for.

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Aries - Sun Feb 18, 2024:
Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You might not think of yourself as being psychic, but, like everyone, you have glimpses of the future that turn out to be impressively accurate. Similarly, you can be disturbed by scary visions that never come to pass. Some time ago you foresaw a lot of what's unfolding in your world. Now you can see something new on the horizon. If it's an inspiring vision, trust it. If it's worrying, remember you could be wrong! And don't underestimate the power of positive thinking. You can shape the future so it works out as you'd really like it to.

Aries: - Sat Feb 17, 2024:
Your Weekly Horoscope: When we're feeling pessimistic, even good news can be a source of angst. And if something positive happens, we dismiss it as a sign that something bad is about to occur. When we're in a more optimistic frame of mind we know that life brings its ups and downs; but since we're taking two steps forwards (and only one step back) who cares?! A pleasing gain is possible this week. You can make significant progress in your relationship world. So don't let any minor communication setbacks bother you. This connection could be special.

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Aries - Fri Feb 16, 2024:
No one on planet Earth is quite like you. Amongst the eight billion humans living on this ball of rock, you're unique. It's such a mind-boggling fact that it's easy to overlook this vital truth. But you need to remember it today. It doesn't mean you're 'more important' than anyone else. Or 'better than'. Every single one of us is blessed with this uniqueness. It's just that you have a mission and a purpose which is far from finished. And in this creative celestial climate you can take satisfying steps towards fulfilling your potential.

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