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The Coronation Eclipse

- 6th May 2023

Daily Illustration

The Coronation of King Charles III can be a crowning moment in all our lives.
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Eclipses bring headline news stories about life events. Although they were historically viewed as warnings of bad news (imagine how scary it was, when a total eclipse occurred and the world turned dark), these days, they're more realistically seen as signs of change.

These impressive celestial showpieces have been linked with the British Royal family for centuries. The death of Henry I, which occurred during a series of eclipses in 1135, strengthened the reputation of eclipses as bad omens.

Luckily eclipses have heralded happier royal occasions too. A surprising number of royals (including Charles III) were born around eclipses. Both William and Kate's births took place exactly under one of these events. While Solar Eclipses emit a corona which looks like a crown, the Coronation fittingly takes place under a Lunar event. Some viewers will see the moon glow a deep royal crimson.

In astrology, Eclipses mark the moment that a cycle reaches a critical point of change. By shaking us up, these moments of cosmic consciousness can help us all come to power in our own ways in our own lives. And it's not just the Coronation Eclipse that's emitting a regal glow. Impulsive Mars is about to enter charismatic Leo and bring a new sense of drive and purpose. And, with Jupiter, the leader of the old gods, at the threshold of a visit to opulent, indulgent Taurus, even if we're not living like royalty, by creatively combining our resources, we can find ways to live richer lives.

If I were the court astrologer I might have suggested waiting for Mercury to finish its retrograde phase before holding the coronation ceremony. Not only is the planet of communication in reverse motion during the event, but mysterious Pluto is also going backwards. I'd be surprised if there aren't some unexpected mix-ups and disruptions on the day. But the astrology reflects Charles' determination to do things differently and to deviate from normal royal protocols. Expect an exciting, unprecedented approach to his leadership as he settles into his new role.

The Coronation Eclipse
A penumbral lunar eclipse is visible (May 5) for observers positioned in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Antarctica. It will also be visible in parts of mainland Europe during moonrise, but observers in these regions will not get to see the full eclipse. The eclipse begins at 15:14 UTC on 5 May, 2023, but the Moon will not be visible at this time for those in the UK or North and South America. Greatest eclipse will occur at 17:22 UTC and the event will end at 19:31 UTC. The event will last for 4 hours 17 minutes.

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