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Weekly Gemini Horoscope

Saturday, 4 February 2023

gemini Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Horoscope: You're not obliged to be the person you used to be. No one's forcing you to play by the same rules. But old habits die hard. And, when we're under pressure, we tend to fall back into familiar behaviour patterns. Even if they're not entirely appropriate, they feel easier. This Full Moon week brings a chance to break with tradition. It's going to require courage, faith and self-assurance. You've got to be able to stop yourself in your tracks and give yourself permission to do things differently. The results will be empowering. Now listen, if you give me your date, place and time of birth... then I'll tell you what the planets say about you and your future in 'Your Guide to The Future 2023'. It contains page after page of valuable personal astrological advice. Download Yours Now!

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