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Shot in the Foot

Dear Readers, Far and Near:

An astonishing event on the American political scene has taken things from perversely odd to the acutely bizarre. As most of you have likely read or seen by now, Dick Cheney, the vice president of the United States, shot a man last weekend with a shotgun, seriously wounding him. This occurred during a potentially illegal day of quail hunting, as according to press reports the proper stamps were not obtained until after the incident.

Quail like Cheney was hunting Saturday

In a story that defies all credibility, we have been told that Mr. Cheney managed to hit a fellow hunter (who somehow came up behind him) with a shotgun blast at a distance of 30 yards in front of him, and in the process 'pepper' him with up to 200 bits of birdshot -- not even knowing the guy (who was, according to Cheney, dressed in bright orange hunting gear) was there. The Office of the Vice President then waited at least 18 hours before making any comment, which came first in the form of Cheney granting an interview with the police at 8 am the next morning. No actual official announcement was made until much later in the week. Cheney apologized for the incident five days later.

Clearly, this is not a case of poetic justice; if it were, Cheney would have shot himself in the foot. But if the astrology tells us anything, he did precisely that.

The immediate background of the event is worth mentioning here. Cheney is repeatedly described as the most powerful vice president in US history. Scooter Libby, Cheney's former chief of staff, who was indicted in October as part of the Spygate scandal, said in court papers just the day before that his higher-ups in the White House (there were not many) authorized the smear campaign against a covert agent that led to the scandal. Then on Saturday, senators were calling for an investigation. That evening, he shot Whittington, who was first treated by medically trained Secret Service agents (who I presume are on call to assist in the event that the vice president has a heat attack of his own), then taken into intensive care.

The story goes, everyone was so worried about Harry they didn't have time to make any calls. The local police found out because they picked up the ambulance call on their scanner, and came on their own, but were turned away by private security at the ranch.

Trippy enough yet? Let's look at the chart and let our journey through the Twilight Zone continue.

When Dick Shot Harry

From the standpoint of traditional astrology, using the so-called nine planets, we can see quite a lot. This will make an interesting study in how, whether you use the basic points or seek the details of the asteroids and minor planets, you get the same basic story -- but the asteroids add a bit of irony and some striking detail to this particular horoscope.

Two times for the incident were reported, which changed the chart significantly. The first time offered was 5:30 pm. The second time (the corrected one), later in the week, was 5:50 pm. This turns out to be a significant 20 minutes astrologically. When you make the first chart 20 minutes later, you wind up with Neptune in Aquarius exactly on the 7th house cusp, that is, exactly setting, to the degree. It is the most prominent planet in the chart. We will come back to that in a moment.

To sum up, this is a very big chart; it is an expression of the Parallel Worlds alignment that I have been ranting about for months; and for once in a long while, we finally have a situation where the wheels of government and justice seem to be turning in a healthy way. My strong sense is that there will be recognizable justice in this situation.

Leo is rising. This event was actually pretty dramatic on the inside, despite all the hushed tones coming out of the veep's office. The Sun is the ruler of Leo and we find the Sun angular, on the west side of the chart, opposite the ascendant, in the 7th house. In traditional astrology, both Leo and the Sun are the significators for the king. Most of us have accepted that Cheney is the real president, and that Bush is understood to be somewhere between a figurehead and a ventriloquist's dummy.

We have a situation where the ruler of the ascendant, who looks kingly or presidential, shows up in the 7th house, the house of 'the other'. This is what you might call a classic projection situation. In this sense, Cheney shot himself.

The Sun is making a square to Mars. It is angry, and because the square is still forming, about to get angrier.

And it's conjunct Neptune. Neptune was close to the 7th house cusp in the first time stated, but is exactly, precisely conjunct the 7th in the second time stated. Angular Neptune is a way of saying we only have a clue what really happened. Neptune often represents the cloud of denial and mystery, though equally often it is associated with some kind of divine intervention, presence or protection.

In addition, this rather complicated planet is associated with drugs and drink, which we can presume were a likely factor because of its rather strong presence. I think most any astrologer would agree.

Pisces is on the 8th house cusp -- the house of death and near-death experiences. This suggests that a Piscean factor was involved, reaffirming the theme of Neptune. A shotgun incident, with injury, qualifies as such. So Neptune, the ruler of the 8th house of death / near-death, both right there on the horizon, and involved as the ruler of the house involved. And, it pretty much has a grip on everything. Neptune, like water, always soaks its way into everything. Many are questioning this incident, and the cover story is extremely thin. It is too thin to maintain the ever-important appearance of propriety necessary when one is a severe hypocrite.

Jupiter co-rules the 8th house, as the original or traditional ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is both square and parallel Neptune, and square the horizontal axis of the chart (the ascendant/descendant axis). The two rulers of the house of near-death experiences are aligned in a tense aspect by both longitude and declination (this is the backbone of the highly unusual Parallel Worlds aspect), and both are in tight aspects the horizon.

These events will have lasting impact. There is also a real question, indicated by the square aspect, of whether Whittington will make it. Surely, this is running through Mr. Cheney's mind. If the man dies, he's been involved in a homicide. I am sure Mr. Cheney doesn't want to end a long career of killing people with homicide charges, or anything that looks like them. But long before we get there, this is one of those events that's just too damned weird even for the American political community to tolerate for long, particularly when you couple it with the lack of contact with the authorities for 18 hours, and the long delay making announcement.

With Mercury walking up onto Uranus in the 8th house, we have a clear indicator in this chart that something else pretty big happens, and because Uranus is involved, it happens suddenly.

As for the Moon. In examining any chart, it's important to look at exactly what the Moon is doing. The Moon can basically symbolize any aspect of the situation, including the question itself, and part of how you figure out what it represents is to look at what images and shapes it makes with other planets. In this chart, it's doing about four different things that stand out.

One, it's located in the 12th house -- one of those super mysterious places where you don't know what's going on, shrouded in secrecy. The 12th is the house of missing information. Second, it's just finished making a conjunction to Saturn, also located in the house of 'God knows what'. Something heavy was going on right before this happened, and something we can assume was secret. Third, it's making an exact quincunx to Uranus in the 8th house -- some sudden (Uranus) situation involving death or a close-to-death (8th house) experience (obviously), and possibly with a lot of money or the truth about some secret at stake.

Last, at the time of this incident, it's a short time before the Full Moon -- about one day. Something is about to come to a head, or come to fruition; something is about to emerge, and a deadlock is about to be broken. When you see a Full Moon approaching, you can always safely ask: what is the loggerhead or jammed up situation that's about to break free?

Let's add some minor planets. Neptune has two planets exactly conjunct it. One is the asteroid Photographica. As literal as it sounds, this is an asteroid that really does show up where photographs and images are concerned (for example, it's been prominent in the whole 'cartoon protest' situation). Second, it's conjunct Damocles (of 'sword of Damocles' fame, the sword hanging over the head of the king). There are probably pictures from that day, and there is a real possibility that they will emerge. Pictures of what? Pictures of something important. Neptune is there. Maybe pictures of a big party earlier in the day. Maybe in a high-tech drinking game, they were playing with a Breathalyzer machine.

There are also three minor planets gathered around the North Node. The Node is in Aries, at five degrees, in the 8th house of death / near-death experiences. It's difficult to define the 'meaning' of the North Node as a general rule, but suffice it to say that it's a sensitive and important point in just about any chart. The North Node is the calling. It often points to the true intent or what is happening now. The planets are:

Asbolus - 4 Aries 47'24" (the survivor)
Diana - 5 Aries 21'41" (the goddess of the hunt)
Bacchus - 5 Aries 39'31" (the god of wine and revelry)

So let's add these up. Diana, the goddess of the hunt, is an appropriate point to make an appearance in the chart; this was a hunt, as lame it is for grownups to be spending their weekend shooting pretty little birds. Diana is conjunct Bacchus we have the suggestion that alcohol was potentially involved in the incident. In the United States, anyway, hunting and drinking are frequently found in the same place and time, despite both laws, ethics and common sense. But they appear in this chart together.

Asbolus, a Centaur planet, is a point that shows up in the charts of survivors. The word means 'carbon dust' and anyone who makes it on Planet Earth has two things in common: we are carbon-based life, and we survive. For people with prominent Asbolus, life was difficult -- but they made it. Harry Whittington made it, but barely, and so far. When you're 78, it's not a good idea to get hit in the chest and face with 150 to 200 bits of birdshot, be thrust into the national limelight, and then get blamed for what happened to you.

We have not heard the end of this one. Indeed, it will be this kind of 'small stuff' that tips the scales in favor of truth and justice. Based on this chart, and the vice president's own natal and progressed charts, and what I am calling the 3/29 cluster of events culminating with the total eclipse March 29, I can offer a few predictions.

One is that the veep will not be in office much longer. One way or another, by hook or by crook or by medical excuse, he's likely to be out some time between March 21 and May 11.

Because Cheney has been the leadership (if you can call it that) in this administration, that power vacuum is going to create real problems; the White House will be left without an ideology. There will emerge a big split in the already extremely tense factions that will make life much easier for people like Patrick Figtzgerald, who is already investigating Cheney's office for illegally outing a spy, and for other events surrounding the fraudulent march to war that has benefited Halliburton so brilliantly.

Here are a few other resources for you to explore:

Cheney's Natal Chart
Cheney's Current Progressed Chart
Cheney, Progressed to May 11

[Note: At press time, has released an interview with Dick Cheney in which he denies that anyone in the hunting party was drunk, and states that they were hunting wild quail, which is linked here.]

Here are few of your comments and questions for the week. Astrology Secrets Revealed will resume publishing each Friday. Please keep those questions coming in, and check out the daily updates, blogs and photos over at Planet Waves. And remember, the Astrology Secrets Revealed project is sponsored by your subscriptions to Planet Waves Weekly.

-- Eric Francis

Additional research and interpretations by Tracy Delaney

Reader Response: I Feel His Pain

Dear Eric:
As an avid reader of Jonathan Cainer and subscriber to Planet Waves, I feel compelled to respond to the question you received from Eric H. with the grandfather issues. I feel his pain.

I recently had a major awakening regarding family/parental issues. I had some deep-seated issues with my father. He was abusive and alcoholic. I formed some negative boundary issues, including serious adult consequences, when dealing with men, being unable to form healthy relationships with men (I kept attracting violent or hurtful men like my father over and over again). Now, later in my life, I see clearly that my own choices and life experiences stemmed from my father's issues that were projected on to me. As a young girl, I didn't understand my father's issues so I accepted them as my own. Could this be what is going on with Eric H.?

His feeling was "My problem is I feel like I have an entire lifetime of my grandfather's repressed urges funneling into my own reality, as if he is trying to somehow live through me." My life is SO MUCH better now that I've realized that my so-called baggage was actually my father's negative emotional projections. My father had major issues with his mother (she was seriously abusive, had major power and control issues and was very unstable); perhaps her father had a similar relationship with her? From my father's experience with his abusive mother, he formed major power and control issues with women, so my mother and I were my father's whipping boys.

Could this be a generational process handed down between the sexes, adding that additional burden to understanding your own sexuality? A "sins of the father" type situation projected on the child of the same or opposite sex, depending on circumstance? According to Jungian psychology, the shadow side of both parents is projected onto the second-born child. Is Eric H. a second-born child?

I'm in the second born position (with an older brother who is gay, a younger brother who is straight and has problems with alcohol, and a younger sister who is gay. What a combo -- when my dad's in a good mood, he thanks God for giving him one of "everything"). I am blessed with amazing, loving siblings -- my anchor during my father's storms.

Could we have chosen these parents or grandparents, this situation to work out our own karma or our own issues? Is there something in Eric H.'s chart like the position of Chiron, so that as Eric heals his own wounds, this family issue Will Not Be Visited Upon his children or other relationships? I am not an astrologer, but I wonder about Chiron and its position in the charts of people who have situations like Eric H. or me. My own recent healing or awakening has lead to phenomenal changes in my life. I feel so much better! Like a huge weight of "a lifetime of other people's repressed urges" has been removed from my being. The really amazing and miraculous thing: I kept thinking my father had to change. In realizing my responsibility for accepting his negative projections and then letting them go by not giving them any power, my father actually changed!! I changed me and my father changed -- that is the point of power. We have a much healthier relationship because I realized: It's not my stuff! (It seems so simple that I could stand up and dance around my computer right now!)

So often people think the other person has to change or we need to learn to forgive them or forgive ourselves in difficult situations. Forgiveness is part of it, but the major component of family forgiveness comes from understanding why the parent or grandparent was projecting their pain on to us in the first place. My father had an ugly situation with his mother that he was not able to overcome.

My father could only project his pain -- but I feel I have overcome it. It may not be true, but it makes me feel better to think that some parents project their pain on to their children in hopes that they will be overcome, thereby raising the vibration of the entire family situation -- stopping the buck -- so another generation is not visited by the "sins of the father." I have healthy relationships with my sons and that was my motivator -- "it" would not happen to them.

I am so blessed!

I send much good energy to Eric H. so that he can learn and grow through his situation and reach his own highest potential. And I send much good energy to you to keep doing what you're doing -- you have a gift and it's wonderful for us that you share it!
Mary E.

Dear Mary E.
Thank you for your insightful and daring comments.

Yes, there are times when we grow and our parents change and grow, but it's probably better not to count on it. Yet as individuals, we always have the potential to become aware of, and to heal, their injuries inside us. We can if we want set down the burden of prior generations.

It is true, as you suggest, that Chiron is often prominent in the charts of people who describe these kinds of incident. Eric H.'s Chiron is in the 5th house, which is an important house of sexual awareness and at tines, legacy. Here is the chart from last week so you can see.

Chiron is making aspects to nearly every other planet in this chart. While I focused last time on two additional minor planets (mainly for brevity) Eric H.'s chart is really an outstanding study in Chiron, and it would be instructive to have a discussion of his lifetime of Chiron transits. I'll email him and see if he's willing to share those with us.

Of note, in any situation where a person says "grandfather," another planet to check is Pholus. This planet often has a theme of three generations. While I'm not going to analyze Pholus in this chart, it appears in the fifth degree of Aries.

Again, thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences with us.

Why All This Nonsense?

Dear Eric,
I stumbled on your Q & A section via Jonathan's website today and read with interest what you were cooking up there, especially relating to Eric H., the guy who thought his grandfather was living through him and responsible for his sexual issues.

Now, as a fellow professional astrologer, I have just one question: why all this nonsense about Nessus and Quaoar, one an asteroid among the thousands and the other a planet not researched at all as of yet?

Simple astrology would have done very nicely: father signified by the 4th house with Aries on IC > Mars in 8th, sextile Pluto in the 10th house of conscious identification. Grandfather: 4th house away from the 4th > DC > Gemini > ruler Mercury in Scorpio in the 10th (again, that with which we consciously identify) and in out-of-sign conjunction with said Pluto.

Just a thought ...

Best wishes

Dear Helene,
Thanks for your explanation of Eric H.'s chart using traditional astrology.

One of the themes of this column is the minor planets. But a more dominant theme is that we practice client-centered astrology. In other words, the responses are about the clients, their lives and experiences, rather than exclusively focusing on the technical points of the astrology. We do not merely point out the astrological aspects involved.

There are many ways to approach a chart. Personally, I use minor planets because of their specificity to subject matter, their depth, and their ability to address newly defined ideas and issues that we are looking at in current times.

Nessus is not an asteroid. It is the third Centaur planet, discovered in 1993. The Centaur class began with Chiron, though it was not designated until the discovery of the second Centaur, Pholus, in 1992. Nessus was the first planetary body that was named by a committee of astrologers, who recommended the name to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the organization that approves planetary names.

From an astrological standpoint, Nessus is one of the best researched minor planets, and has received considerable attention on these pages, as well as in the writing and research of astrologers who specialize in working with clients on subject matters like Eric H. described -- family of origin situations and the effects of family legacies. Nessus is 'reclaiming the soul' country.

Nessus is also about power dynamics and the dynamics of abuse, very important themes today in the Western world, particularly as we discover we were all abused as kids (and I mean it). Power and abuse dynamics always appear in relationships first, then they appear in one's inner emotional patterning, and the relationship pattern of that lifetime. Nessus tells us that physical abuse and psychological abuse work about the same way, and reminds us that quite often psychological abuse is more insidious because so often we don't know it's happening and then as a result, we don't think it happened.

Consequently, one question of Nessus is, "Did the abuse happen?" In my view, one of the central issues of this planet, indeed the crux of the issue, is the vagueness of certainty about what happened.

Nessus can point to the circumstances that surround rape, incest, sexually transmitted diseases and, moreover, the relationship and energetic patterns that create these things. Put two charts together, look at Nessus, and you can see something about how these dynamics appear between people. Nessus can also be used to investigate the lives of our parents and their relationships to others in the family. It can point to information, people and circumstances that help lift the veil.

Quaoar is not your ordinary minor planet, either (none really are, but Quaoar has some significant distinctions). Discovered in 2002, this planet was considered so important that it was given the honor of minor planet catalogue number 50,000.

At the time of its discovery, Quaoar was the largest known world beyond Pluto (this distinction is now held by Xena), and is a billion miles further from the Sun than Pluto right now, orbiting the sun once in just over 284 years. The imagery of Quaoar is the dance of the creation of the gods, goddesses and humanity. It is about the creation of the family of life. Hence, as I see it, it's about personal creation myth.

Named for a Native American creation deity of the Tongva people, who lived in what is now southern California, Quaoar's placement gives an intimate portrait of the dance of the family's emotional process and its impact on us. Quaoar speaks to the rhythms and choreography into which we were born, as these manifest within the family pattern going back generations. It points to how we dance to the music of our own creation more or less unconsciously, and suggests that we create a conscious relationship with our personal creation mythology. It is very helpful in doing family-of-origin work because it reveals something about the total picture of the family, not just our specific branch of the tree.

As a result, Quaoar introduces the vitally important theme of family patterns, of any shade. This is to say, any family pattern can come under the purview of Quaoar. These existed before we were born and into which, as members of a family system, we were integrated without really noticing. When you think of Quaoar, think of picking up a dance by feeling the rhythm of the music. The movements are natural, we learn by feeling, example and experience, and that is how we integrate emotionally into our family of origin.

One of the distortions of Quaoar is that we think what we're experiencing around us began with us; with our birth; that we (in being born) are the point of beginning. In reality, the dance goes back countless generations, to the beginning of humanity, and embraces all of humanity. The other distortion of Quaoar is an inner-outer boundary question: what plays out in the life of an adult is a picture of what has happened around that child growing up.

These patterns may relate to circumstances and emotions surrounding our mother's pregnancy (particularly in situations involving adoption), feelings about sex that permeate the family, attitudes toward children, and the general psychological climate of the household.

More often than not, in our societies these circumstances are mean and negligent toward children, and at worst, outright contemptuous.

This vibe is more Nessus territory than Quaoar, but the family pattern aspect is Quaoar. Simply put, we grow up feeling abandoned and neglected (often indirectly, by the circumstances of our parents' lives), thus not only expecting to be abused but emotionally set up for it. Then it 'just seems to happen' later in life. I define abuse here broadly; author Alice Miller points out that all of Western society is inherently abusive to children. Thus we all carry the resulting patterns and act them out in our lives unconsciously (or not) -- until we do not.

Abuse can be overt. But it can also involve being left unparented for long periods of time when you needed help, love or warmth; it can include being made to sleep in a crib in a separate room from your parents as an infant. It can involve the way you are spoken to, or violence you are exposed to in your environment.

Abuse passes guilt from the guilty to the innocent. It's often those who are innocent of any specific wrongdoing who suffer from guilt complexes, and it's very often the attackers of various shades who seem to live with impunity and free of remorse; this is what happens to their guilt complex -- it becomes attack rather than guilt. It is projected. Fundamentally, guilt and attack are the same thing, played out two ways. Guilt is self-attack. In a sense, this is what Eric H. was describing.

In choosing Nessus and Quaoar, I chose planets with the most germane themes, which showed up in relevant ways in the chart. Quaoar was conjunct Juno, an asteroid that is about marriage partnerships; and Nessus was prominent in the sign Cancer, conjunct the North Node. I hope this clarifies the issues you raised in your question and sheds some light on why I chose to use these planets to help clarify Eric H.'s chart.

Thank you for your letter.

Are Tragedies Fated?

Dear Eric,
Hello, I am hoping you remember who I am. My name is Robin; I used to live in New Paltz. I have been reading your monthly horoscopes since the days of the 'little' Chronogram. When I moved away from the Hudson Valley I started going to your website and reading. You have for the most part always been right on with my life as an Aries.

So I would like to ask you for a favor, advice, or some astrological wisdom. As of right now I am just desperately searching for some peace in every possible place I know of and, with all of these years of reading pretty right on the money horoscopes, you fit in my search.

What I am trying to understand is if there really is 'a plan'. Do things really happen for a reason? Are they really supposed to happen? I mean horrible things, things more horrible than we could have ever imagined happening to ourselves. And if one horrible thing doesn't happen or is avoided would some other unimaginable equally horrible event take its place? Because in the plan no matter what, something f**ked up was supposed to happen in our own cosmic timeline?

I need to know if what has happened in my life was really unavoidable. If on the day I was born it was already 'written' in the stars that in the year 2005 tragedy and grief would have new meaning for me and the world around me and my relationship with it was supposed to become so different.


Dear Robin,
I do remember you, and I'll see what I can offer in the way of help; at least a little insight into your chart. I am sorry to hear of these difficult (it sounds like tragic) circumstances.

You ask one of the great philosophical questions of all time: whether there is 'a plan'.

Life sometimes does seem to have this quality; it seems like everything is choreographed and the events of our lives possess a poetic quality, as if they are being written by some kind of cosmic author, or were pre-ordained at our birth. At other times, there is an opposite effect and everything seems 'meaningless' and chaotic. Then we can look back on those times and see the meaning, in context.

I feel pretty strongly that we are the ones who give the events of our life meaning, and this is a creative process. The search for meaning is inherent in human consciousness; and I feel that it's equally a part of human consciousness, and does not really exist outside of it.

Our charts are a kind of setup. When we are born, the planets are in a certain position, and it is indeed predestined that in certain years and on certain days there will be different very specific and totally predictable planetary events: transits and progressions that are in the lifelong pattern of our lives, which is a simple fact of science.

Some astrologers can read these patterns and make predictions about events that seem accurate. This gives us the idea that the events themselves, rather than the planetary movements, are what is fated. But I have wondered out loud, and will do so again: When an astrologer makes a prediction with a client, and for a client, is this not a co-creation? It seems eminently possible that when two minds join around a goal, and faith, belief and creativity are devoted to that goal, it's pretty much going to happen.

So, I will say that no, I do not believe that the events themselves are predictable. Much like a map tells you where you can go, but not where you must go, an astrology chart is a map to the landscape of time and shows us the options. Often, however, those options involve how we respond to a particular influence.

You asked about 2005. What happened to you last year was, as far as I can see, the culmination of events going back to December 2001, or perhaps a little bit before. Events at that point seemed to involve a very intense personal relationship (Aries, ruled by Mars, is your relationship sign; and Pluto in Sagittarius made a long conjunction to Mars in Sagittarius at this time). So that seems to begin the story of the current chapter -- but it's not the end.

[While I was writing this paragraph, an email came in asking the following, which I think may state what you are getting at a little differently: "I was wondering whether when interpreting personal charts, you can foresee bereavement. How does it usually show up; sudden change in circumstance? New chapter of someone's (the bereaved person's) life? And if so, how can you tell that loss is involved? Also, if you do see bereavement in someone's future, do you tell people or lie through your teeth like most people involved in gazing into the future would? Best, C"]

Here is your natal chart.

Notice the cluster of planets and points on the right side of your chart. Those are seven things in Aries (just using a basic chart). When we have a lot of points clustered together, we get a chart where there are concentrated periods of events in our lives; achievements, struggles, changes, or a combination. Life is never dull. There is also a focus of purpose or mission possible, and when we are not fulfilling that mission, transits can come along and trigger events that shift the path of our lives. Indeed, even when we are perfectly in line with our objectives and deeper sense of purpose, transits can have this influence.

In December 2001, Chiron went into Capricorn. Chiron is a planet with the theme "transformation through awareness." Capricorn is 90 degrees away from Aries, so Chiron began a process of making a long series of squares to your Aries planets shortly after Sept. 11. By any standard, such a Chiron transit is a pretty big deal, and it's going to represent a turning point -- a long turning point, as Chiron took four years to complete its trip through Capricorn.

At the end of that journey, it wrapped things up with a square to Saturn, which has a rather solid and final feeling to it. Then, early in 2006, Chiron completed its transit into Aquarius -- which was a transition that began in May 2005. So May 2005 through winter 2006 was a transitional time, and as part of that I see something involving children.

I would not be surprised at all if your father or a female member of his family was directly involved. At this time, it seems you were cut off from these people and were set on a path of extreme independence, unlike any you had experienced before. I can see this story in Chiron crossing the bottom of your chart; it really has been a 'bottom line' time in your history the past year. You have a planet there: Ceres, which speaks of the condition of mothers and children. This directly brings moms and children into the equation and makes me wonder what was going on with your child or children at the time.

For whatever reason, this has not been an easy time for your mother either, and it's indeed quite possible that you have had something quite serious going on with your children. I do see the potential for rather enormous loss. In any event, it is a challenging time for anyone in your family who is a mother, with children being the focus.

But what has also begun is your personal healing process. You have many planets in the 6th house, and Chiron has made potent aspects to all of them, raising your self-awareness and pretty much ensuring that you're going to find out who you are. How was it possible that you took that for granted? With seven points in Aries, it's pretty easy.

Now, you ask whether this was predictable, and I would say to some extent, yes; though for example, had we done a chart session in 2001, I would have seen the process in motion and I would have done a thorough check of your past Chiron transits to get an indication of how you respond when these kinds of transits come. A time frame I would have looked at carefully with you was late 1995 through mid-1997, when Chiron opposed all these planets.

I also would have checked summer 1988 through summer 1991, when Chiron, then in Cancer squared, all these planets the last time around. These two time frames are directly connected with what has happened the past four years and with what occurred in 2005. The connection may be intuitive, but if you look closely at the events of these eras and how you responded to them, you will get a lot of information you can work with to fit the events of 2005 into the context of your life.

When I have the chance to look at critical time frames with a client before a major transit, I feel that it can shift the experience of the transit to a more workable level and possibly help avert serious difficulty. While there is no gainsaying our own will, our own path or what seems to be actual destiny, I feel that we can exercise choice at any point of our lives. It is not always the right choice; that is the bottom line in the world of free will.

If you have any other questions or need to respond to these comments, please write to me directly -- you have my email. I wish you well, and my prayers and I am sure those of many thousands of readers are with you, Robin.

Retrogrades and Stations

Dear Eric:
Thanks for all your inspirational work.

Regarding Venus being stationary, you say that a planet has an exceptionally powerful influence in that phase.

I would have thought that a planet being stationary would give the worst it's got as it's 'not moving'. Isn't it even worse than when it is retrograde (that's what I have heard)?

Or maybe if something (like a relationship) needs to be fixed, but not started, it is a good time ?


Dear H,
I don't feel that planetary aspects are inherently good or bad; it's all how we use them. So to say that some things are bad and others are worse and others are worse yet is, in general, a misunderstanding. I am not stating this merely as an intellectual position but rather as an approach to the work of astrology that pretty much assures we will always use it to get to a better place.

All transits are actually useful; anything can be potentially troublesome; planetary stations are definitely challenging aspects and I do feel that we need to need to watch, and use, them carefully. But they can be the most helpful and revealing, if we know what to look for. And they provide longer opportunities than, for example, inner planets usually provide. Venus making a long sextile to Jupiter makes the qualities of both of these planets available in an unusual way.

Planetary stations are important times of transition. They involve how we use time, and how we relate to the past. I would refer you to an edition of Astrology Secrets Revealed from about one year ago for much more information.

Thanks for your note.

See you next week with a new (shorter!) edition of Astrology Secrets Revealed.

-- Additional research by Arwynne O'Neill in Vancouver BC

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