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Hi Eric
So if a person has a Cancer Sun and Cancer rising sign, does that make it double the energy for the day? I also have a Pisces Moon with a grand trine of my Moon, Sun and fifth house Scorpio. Just read all the water signs for the day?


Dear KEW
I have too many theories about this, but I promise to keep my answer to under 25,000 words. Let me also state that it is or was the stated position of Maestro Jonathan that you should only read your Sun sign, but I think he may have changed his mind. As a devotee of a select few horoscope columns, that's what I personally do (usually). I also write the things and, you might say, program them to work for the Moon and rising signs. Does it matter that I have this intention? Why not. And, by the way, I have not discussed this with other writers. But I'm going to take a wild guess and figure that (at least around these parts) horoscope writers assume people are going to read their rising sign and probably their Moon. Then they write their column just like normal and send it out with the thought that if it works for people, cool, if not, cool.

From the sound of things, you've got some astrological curiosity going, and the best thing you can do with that is experiment. Personally I think that a good Sun-sign horoscope column is a fine way to begin the serious study of astrology, particularly if you are curious about how astrologers interpret. You can study the water signs for related themes and perspectives, for example. In reading your Moon sign (Pisces) consider how the interpretation relates to your needs and your sense of safety.

All the signs in any given horoscope column are generally written from the same chart -- that day's. So there will be something in common by default. You can get fancy and use an astrological date book and see if you can find pictures in the day's aspects that match what you are reading in various columns. I've had lots of fun collecting the work of different writers the same day and seeing how they approach the same day's chart (for example, comparing five Aries horoscopes from the same day). Sometimes it's rather shocking the similar themes that the writers are picking up on -- sometimes even similar language. Do this for a while and you will become an astrologer before you know it.

Not everyone is game for this, however, and you may just be curious about how to make the most out of a good Sun-sign column. Astrology is a form of divination. Divination is intended to give specific information. In this respect, consistency helps. So if you look to one particular sign every day, you're more likely to have a coherent experience of that writer's work. One way to look at a horoscope column is like drawing a Tarot card. It helps if you have a question in mind, or are looking for information about a specific situation.

As for being Cancer Sun plus Cancer rising: that is called emphasis, and one thing this fact places emphasis on is your Pisces Moon. I suggest you learn the aspects of your Moon and do a little research, seeking as many viewpoints as possible. I can assure you it will be both interesting and fulfilling. There are, I am noticing, a lot of people who read this web page who are ready to develop their study of astrology -- they are quite ready to get a copy of their natal chart and to begin exploring. I recommend getting as many viewpoints as possible. Studying astrology is a trip. Let me know if you agree.

Dear Eric
I've had my chart done by Jonathon and on another on-line website. That second website also gives you a day-by-day chart with your planets/the current status of the transit planets. I'm writing this letter because it looks to me that Sun/Moon/Mercury were all conjunct at the recent New Moon on 17 June 2004 with something in my personal chart -- called the PF. What is the PF and what could this mean?

Thanks, Kathleen

Dear Kathleen
The PF is the Part of Fortune. It is not a planet but rather a calculated point, which combines the Sun, the Moon and the ascendant into one location, using a mathematical formula. There are many ways to use the Part of Fortune; as the name suggests, it is generally a helpful point. Aspects to the Fortune suggest how good fortune can manifest for you; in other words, if it's in aspect to Saturn, by consistent, devoted work; if in aspect to the Moon, in regular cycles; if in aspect to Jupiter, by luck, travel or learning; if in aspect to Uranus, spontaneously. Martin Schulman wrote a good little book about it; click here for the Amazon link.

The Part of Fortune is a relic of a much older system of Arabic astrology that used many such calculated points. I have seen programs that (using resurrected ancient knowledge) calculate up to 70 such points, including things like the parts of Mother, Father, Children, and so on, all of which use various formulas to determine the point.

The interesting thing I learned one year at a conference on ancient astrology is that these Arabic parts were used as an artificial ascendant in reference to matters involving the parts. So let's say your Part of Fortune is at 23 Aries. You would use the degree of 23 Aries as a "false ascendant" and work with the chart from that angle in all matters where you were seeking information about your fortunes. The Part of Fortune would be the beginning of your "first house of fortune" and you would then count around the chart for the additional houses.

In the event (in your case) of a New Moon conjunct Mercury on your Part of Fortune, this is occurring on your first house of fortune! It is very personal! I would propose that you're in a major renewal cycle and that, given the signification of both Mercury and Gemini, that your fortunes depend largely on your devotion to communication and may involve a communication field.

Or, you could say, if you play it smart and feel which way the wind is blowing, good things are coming to you.

Hi Eric
I am a Sagittarius and last January the four-year relationship I had with a female Gemini ended. After the "official" split, we continued to frequent each other, on and off, ultimately turning into a vicious cycle of I can't live with or without you. The split was her decision, and every time the cycle terminated (only to begin again) that was her decision also. She has decided that she needs time for herself and is not ready to be in a relationship again. It is evident to me while neither one of us can let the other go, we still deeply love each other. Sometimes it feels as though there is a giant, invisible wall blocking her path to me. I wonder if we will be together again, and if so, when? Deep inside myself, I feel I have a connection with her that is beyond the earthly world. Also, given the Transit of Venus happened in her sign, I wonder if this is any reason to hope for us? Thank you in advance.

Dear Karen
I am sorry to hear you are in such a painful -- if familiar to the world -- situation. Astrology offers some insight here, but I don't want to dwell on it, so let's get it out of the way. Opposing signs (Sun, or where there is a significant opposition between the charts, from other planets) can create situations such as you are describing, if they are lived out unconsciously. The magnetism between opposite signs can be so strong that it works without anyone being able to do anything about it. The thing is that one must do something about it; that is why we have the information astrology offers.

These are also big times for both Gemini and Sagittarius, in part owing to the Venus transit (for more information visit: and the associated retrograde in Gemini. And because there is so much activity in Sagittarius (for starters, the long transit of Pluto in that sign) everyone and everything Gemini or Sagittarius is on the learning curve to the umpteenth degree. That means both of you. There are obviously big changes unfolding in both of your lives.

You wrote your letter before the Venus station on the 29th/30th of June. I am wondering how the situation has developed over the past week or so, now that Venus has stationed to direct motion as of earlier this week.

Now, speaking from as an advocate of (and, God willing, participant in) healthy relationships rather than as an astrologer, I suggest you beware of such patterns. What you're describing says to me is that you're both processing much material that has little or nothing to do with the present; you are basically functioning actors in one another's dramas, and those dramas involve an attempt to work out old family material or karma. This does not mean that you don't love one another; but part of that love may be the deeply engrained patterns that were called love in your families of origin. Love is actually a rather peaceful state.

There is a book called A General Theory of Love which you can get at (my review is at this link: ). This very readable, beautifully written book deals with the relationships between family patterns and love affairs. It's a real eye opener, and heart-opener. If you want to share your thoughts about this book in relation to your experience, I'll post some of them here.

Hello Jonathan
I studied Astrology a while ago at a local college (when we had to learn to draw Charts longhand from the ephemeris!). The teacher told us that we should be very wary of men with Saturn conjunct Mars as often these people had a cruel streak.

Seven years ago, I got involved with a man before I checked his chart and later discovered he had this, plus conjunct Pluto in the 8th House! And yes, he can be extremely emotionally manipulative etc. (but then he also has four planets in Scorpio!).

The question is: I saw that one of the younger royals has Saturn conjunct Mars. When his Chart has been discussed (and I have not drawn it personally) no one has made mention on this. Was my teacher right, or have I just happened on a particularly mixed up Scorpio? And if so, does it mean this particular Royal will have a hard time finding lasting romance? And will his partner perhaps like me have to good olf venus in Taurus in the 7th house and therefore hang on in there?

Eric replies: Dear Andrea
Personally, I am reluctant to make blanket assumptions about a person based on one aspect in a natal chart. I concede that this is not an especially easy aspect, because Mars and Saturn have such different natures: hot vs. cool, fiery vs. earthy, quick vs. slow, and so on.

There is, however, no aspect that cannot be put to good use, and Mars conjunct Saturn is a powerful point in any chart where it appears. Since we cannot live without Mars (energy) or Saturn (structure), we need to get a grip on how to put this aspect to work. And if you aspire to being an astrologer, it is your job to help the people who come to you (for readings, that is) make the most of their charts, no matter what they may say.

If you encounter someone in your personal life who has any personality trait that you do not like or cannot stomach, then you have a personal decision to make. Obviously if someone is mean to you, you don't need to stick around. But it is your choice in any event.

Now, in your note, you described an aspect that is much more than Mars conjunct Saturn. Pluto adds a BIG factor, and the 8th house adds another -- this whole aspect as you describe it is pushing issues of survival to the maximum. Each of those four separate factors (Mars, Saturn, Pluto and the 8th house) are all about POWER and it's a concentrated aspect. The question is always how a person uses the energy granted by any aspect, and how they work out its complications.

Since you're studying astrology, I'll add here a few short proposals for how to get an understanding of any conjunction You have already used some of these ideas.

Okay, here we go.

1. Conjunctions represent the beginnings or endings of cycles, in this case, as an example, the Mars to Saturn cycle. Is this conjunction at the beginning of a cycle or the end -- that is, is Mars occupying an earlier degree (end of cycle) or later degree (beginning of cycle) than Saturn? You can apply the same method to the Mars to Pluto cycle and the Saturn to Pluto cycle.

2. When you have a conjunction, generally this means both planets are in the same sign. Which of the planets is happier in the sign the conjunction is placed? For example: if the conjunction is in Aries, Mars, as the ruler of Aries, will tend to function with greater ease in this sign than will Saturn. If the conjunction is in Libra, Saturn (as the exalted planet in Libra) will be stronger or more at ease and Mars may feel awkward. If the conjunction is in Capricorn, both planets have dignity in this sign and both may be quite comfortable and work together well.

3. What house is the conjunction in? This is a very different aspect in the 10th house than it is in the 4th. It would be much easier to work this out in the professional world than in the emotional world, and different kinds of childhood experiences would be indicated. In the 8th house, the question is always one of power, and it would be wise to get an understanding of the person's sexual history. If they are into past lives, I assure you they will have some interesting stories to tell.

4. What are the aspects to the conjunction? Squares to the conjunction will create a kind of "alternate reality" or alter-ego where the person may take refuge from the challenges the conjunction suggests. Trines will offer opportunities for where the considerable energy of the aspect will be channeled. Study the houses involved carefully.

5. What has happened when a conjunction has come under major transit? As "major transit," I mean: a Saturn square, opposition or return; a Pluto square, opposition or conjunction; or any transit of Chiron, particularly a conjunction. I am partial to examining transits of Chiron for very big clues as to the true nature of how an aspect or placement works. I can say more about this if people are curious.

The bottom line is that a chart provides the astrologer with working material -- not the basis for judging a person. There is a very big difference: in fact, all the difference in the world!

See you next week. Thanks for the great questions.

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