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Gemini Letter

Dear Friends Around the World:

I am traveling these days, which has turned into an unscheduled break from writing so very much. I've had Astrology Secrets in slow mode for a couple of weeks, which will continue this week, but I did want to check in with the news and weather. Instead of a Q & A, I want to share a short perspective on where we're at these days, which is actually an interesting physical thing because the Sun in Gemini has one unique property: the Earth situated such that we are facing in toward the galactic center, which is visible at night.

For background, you can look back at editions of Astrology Secrets Revealed written in December (04 or 05 as you wish) and there will be coverage of the Galactic Core, as well as something about a related point called the Great Attractor. Both of these are in Sagittarius, so when the Sun is in that sign in November and December, see the galactic points in Sagg are on the other side of the Sun.

The GA and the GC different points, by the way, far apart in distance to the Sun -- but aligned along the ecliptic, so the Sun in Gemini makes an opposition to one (the Great Attractor) each year around this time, and then about 12 days later, around June 17, the Sun makes an opposition to the other (the Galactic Core).

What is called the "roundel of the seasons" is really the calendar made into a circle, and on that circle, we are now at the opposite point in the wheel as we are when approaching Christmas in Sagittarius. Those are the days approaching the end of the calendar year, as well as the holiday season, when in the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting shorter and shorter. Between the dark of the winter sky and the shortness of the daylight, it seems like it's light just a few hours a day. This combined with the constant rush to complete business creates a feeling of accelerated time.

It took a while for me to figure out this sense of acceleration is probably associated with the Sun's annual approach to the Galactic Core. This is a miniature of the overall sense that "time is speeding up" associated with the 2012 effect -- that is, the winter solstice point edging closer and closer to something called the Road to Xibalba (dark band or cosmic vulva, in Mayan tradition) that runs across the core of the galaxy.

Right now we are able to see this, if the skies are clear at night. The night sky faces right into the core and the dark band, and slowly the Earth and Sun are aligning exactly. But before that happens, both align with the Great Attractor, a point that is invisible and far, far outside our own galaxy. Though it cannot be seen visually, it is the biggest, heaviest and physically most powerful point known to astronomy. It is drawing a million galaxies toward it, of which ours is one. So as the Earth and Sun align with this point over the weekend, we're going to experience a wave of energy, which may have the feeling of being polarizing -- a typical effect of the Great Attractor. At the same time, the Sun squares Uranus, adding more than a little excitement.

Then for the next 12 days, through June 17, the Sun and Earth align in the zone of space opposite the attractor and the core, with Pluto involved. Pluto is in Sagittarius just a degree shy of the core. Its transit across the center of the galaxy begins the Pluto in Sagittarius endgame. The Pluto in Sag era began in 1995 and at the time, many astrologers were talking about the rise of fundamentalism, globalism and a variety of other isms that were basically sure to come with this event.

Just before the alignment moves to the Galactic Core on the 17th, we pass by Pluto, which is just one degree shy of the core these days.

It's not a coincidence that this is so close to the Cancer solstice (summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere). There is a physical alignment between the solstices, as well as the Aries Point, the Galactic Core and -- currently -- Pluto, which is working its way across the core and toward the first degree of Capricorn, which is square the Aries Point (or first degree of Aries). In this alignment there is also a massive galaxy in early Libra called M87.

As this is happening, the lunar nodes align with the first degrees of Aries and Libra, which is very nearly exact when the Sun enters Cancer on June 22. This is nearly simultaneous with a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Leo.

Is anyone else getting that calm before the storm feeling? Does the world seem a little more sedate than normal?

I'm trying to factor in the part about being in the United States for a change, which may be messing with my perspective. Still, I can't quite escape the sense that something is brewing.

But brewing does not mean inevitable. The Galactic Core is a spiral and time feels like a spiral in its vicinity. The closer we get to the core, the tighter the spiral becomes. What feels like a possibility today feels like an inevitability as we approach the core. What we always need to remember is that, particularly at this point, there are many possibilities, not just one. We have options; we have choices, which work on the level of our individual lives and our collective life.

The human family, particularly here in the Western world, is still learning the meaning of "we." On the most mundane levels, "we" often seems not to exist. On the subtle levels, many people seem to have a better idea of common ground and collective reality. Now is a good time to remember, and to set the highest and most peaceful intentions for the world.

Catch you next week with some responses to a new crop of questions.


Eric Francis
New Paltz, NY

PS, here are the positions of the planets in Gemini at the moment of this writing:

Chaos, 6 ge 48'
Atlantis, 9 ge 12'
Sun, 10 ge 23'
Hephaistos, 11 ge 32'
Phaethon, 11 ge 33'
Siwa, 14 ge 2' 9"
Memoria, 15 ge 16'
Hekate, 17 ge 34'
Cyllarus, 18 ge 41'
Toro, 19 ge 15'
Sphinx, 21 ge 26'
Amor, 23 ge 30'
Hades, 24 ge 46'
Mercury, 25 ge 24'
Icarus, 25 ge 24'

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