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Letter from Eric

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005
(The birthdays of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins)

Dear Readers Around the World:

Beginning this week, I'll be scaling the "Astrology Secrets Revealed" column's schedule back to every other week. I anticipate this holding through the rest of 2005, when (after the 2006 annual horoscope is complete) I'll reassess things.

It's been an excellent adventure doing this column every single week, particularly with the intensity that it's been going, covering a truly wild phase of world history practically as it happened (today would be the 69th week). But as I've explained to my readers on Planet Waves, I need to pull back just a bit, and make a few moves to balance out my life, and this seemed to be one way to do that.

However, if there is very important news during an off-week, I will add a special update to the top of the prior article, and the chart for that event. As I write, I think of Hurricane Rita, upgraded to a Category 5 (the highest), and about to make landfall in the already-devastated Gulf Coast region.

The world is changing fast now, and it's going to change faster yet. This is process is long overdue. We've been living through a long period when the "rear guard" -- those dedicated to the dark ways of the past, particularly war and greed as a way of life -- have been clinging to power desperately. Now, for better or worse, we're feeling something else: the power of nature. We will, in the coming seasons and years, be experiencing more events that will help us discover how resilient the human race is, and to feel how strong our will to live really is.

While we don't have control over world events, we do have an influence over our vibration level, which affects many people around us. This, too, often seems challenging, because we are so at the mercy of the world, and often our own personal energetic quality can seem as "locked in" as the gridlocked state of the planet. But we do have an influence. We have tools we can use and we have choices we can make. One of those choices is who we relate to, and how. This is a crucial moment to find people whose love and influence guides you to a more stable, flexible and aware state of consciousness.

Many thousands of people in this reading audience have been practicing spiritual and healing techniques for decades. The New Age movement is alive and well in England, and among the astrology fans who gravitate to Cainerville. Those of you who have been training for years, or even for months -- this is your moment. This is the time to take your teachings and your skills out into the world, share them and allow their effects to be felt, and to develop. Spiritual practice, whether it's macrobiotic cooking, yoga or channeling, is not really a private matter; it is a community matter, and as a practitioner, you are a community leader. Leader in the modern sense means "facilitator of information and ideas."

Those of you with ideas to share, with projects to initiate, with inventions to offer, with classes to teach -- THIS is your moment. NOW is the time -- in terms of astrology, and in terms of the story of the world.

We are now at the moment of the Libra Equinox. The Sun enters Libra overnight Thursday (in the Northern Hemisphere), and we reach a turning point in the seasons and in history. At this moment, the Sun makes an opposition to the Aries Point -- one of the most sensitive parts of the entire zodiac. Thus, the Sun crosses the Libra Point (as well as the celestial equator), and many astrological effects are set into motion. These include the Sun making an exact conjunction to the massive galaxy M87 during the next 48 hours (over the weekend of the 24th-25th). At the same time, it makes an aspect (a square) to the Road to Xibalba -- the dark band at the core of the Milky Way galaxy that is associated directly with the entire phenomenon of 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar.

One of the endless themes of this column has been the Aries Point, which now comes up again as the Sun enters Libra, the opposite sign to Aries. The phrase "Aries Point" would probably come up 200 times if you searched the archives of this column. The Aries Point refers to the first degree of Aries, as well as to the corresponding cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

This structure, called the "cardinal cross," has been involved in every major news event going back to 2001. The theme of these points is, "the personal is political." They reveal the psychic geometry that connects individual people to the collective, and collective events to individuals. And now, we're about to go on a rather full-strength ride, as the Equinox gives way to an eclipse in Libra on Oct. 3 and a wide diversity of other events in Libra that will emphasize the point.

I will get to the eclipse and the corresponding Mars retrograde next week. For now, I would like to leave you with the Libra Equinox chart, set for Galveston Island, Texas, in the path of Hurricane Rita. Here is the chart:

Libra Equinox Chart

One thing that happens when the Sun crosses a cardinal point is that it makes a BIG aspect to just about every other news chart for the past four years -- or at least to a chart that was lurking behind the news. So it's kind of like the events we've experienced are connected by a long DNA thread and each time you take a slice of the DNA and look at what's going on, you see the same basic pattern.

Read through the archives, take a look, see if you can find the pattern for yourself. The article on Katrina Astrology would be a good place to start, and you can look back to the end of last year for the series on the Asian tsunami where the phenomenon happened again.

For now, I will take your leave, and see you next Thursday, the gods be willing, with another edition of Astrology Secrets Revealed dedicated to the Mars retrograde and the eclipse in Libra.

My friends and cousins around the world, the pace is quickening. The world is awakening. Look around, you are not alone. Make eye contact with people on the street. Call up your loved ones and say hello. Get together with people you care about. Give yourself space and time to process what's happening with you and with the world, and make sure you have the help you need.

Daily updates continue at Planet Waves (though the theme has shifted to spiritual and away from political), including new photos a few times a week. See you there, or see you here.

Keep your lights on,

Peace & Passion,
Eric Francis

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