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Archive for Thursday 19th December 2002 - Metric Martyrs

My favourite cause right now is the Metric Martyrs. They are the market traders who are being prosecuted for selling goods in pounds and ounces, as well as in metric units. British courts have found them guilty of this crime, so they are appealing to the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg, on the grounds of free speech. Going to law is expensive, so they desperately need our support.

There are many other charities that seem more worthy, but this one is vitally important. Our traditional measures feet, miles, ounces and the rest go back to prehistoric times. Stonehenge was built in units of the foot the same foot that is used today. These units are part of our culture and customs. They cannot be abolished without our general consent. This is a question of national and individual freedom. If we give way on this, where will it stop?

Please support the Metric Martyrs Defence Fund at PO Box 526, Sunderland SRI 3YS, England, United Kingdom

John Michell

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