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Welcome to John Michell, a best-selling author and world authority on the mysteries of existence. John writes regular weekly articles for my page in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Now those articles can be read on this site. It is a thrill to have John writing for us about unexplained phenomena. I have been an admirer of his work since I was a teenager. I hope you enjoy his thought-provoking work. Jonathan Cainer

Archive for Thursday 20th March 2003 - The 10 World's greatest mysteries...
No. 9 The mystery of the Knights Templar

A great historical mystery is the fate of the Knights Templar.

Founded in 1118 as a religious and military Order, the Templars’ first object was to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Jerusalem was then in Christian hands, and the Templars made it their headquarters. They hoped to rebuild the long-lost Temple of Solomon. That, according to ancient prophecies, would unite all peoples under the rule of God.

The early Templars were scholars and noblemen, living simply, in ‘chastity, poverty and obedience’. They studied religion and science, not just from Christian sources, but in collaboration with Jewish and other mystics. Their dedication attracted great wealth. Rich people left their estates to the Templars, and they became the greatest landowners in Europe. With riches came power and privilege. They were an independent Order under the Pope. Kings and rulers had no authority over them.

Suddenly they were overthrown. In 1307, King Philip of France arrested every member of the Order within his realm. Many of them were tortured to death, and their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was publicly roasted over a slow fire. Their possessions were seized and the Order was extinguished. Fantastic charges were brought against the Templars – witchcraft, devil-worship and disgusting sex rituals. More serious was the accusation of heresy. The Templars had sought for truth beyond the Christian tradition, and that condemned them in the eyes of the Church. I see them as the great idealists of their time – until they lapsed into a state of wealth.

John Michell

If you have a favourite mystery subject - from spontaneous human combustion to ancient Celtic ritual sites, write to John, suggesting a theme. And if you have any answers or theories about the mysteries John will be highlighting, he would particularly like to hear from you.

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