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Archive for Thursday 28th March 2002 - The circle of Creation

Last week we drew a circle and divided it into six parts. From that you can make an endless pattern of hexagons, like cells of a honeycomb. That represents the material creation, before life came in.

Before going further, we should look again at the circle, the first figure of esoteric geometry . The circle has two parts, the central dot and the enclosing circumference. The distance between them is the radius.

The circle is a natural symbol of the whole, divine universe. It represents justice, because each point on its rim is the same distance from the centre. It is economical, because the circle encloses the largest space within the shortest perimeter. And it contains all the other regular figures of geometry . Like the universe, the circle can never quite be described rationally, because pi (the ratio between its diameter and circumference) is itself irrational.

The central dot, made by the point of the compass, stands for the pole on which the circle revolves. That makes it a symbol of the unchanging laws that govern the universe. Around it spins the world we experience, of constant change.

The circle in three dimensions is the sphere. Contained by it are the five other regular forms of geometry. They represent the four elements - earth, air, fire and water, together with a mystical fifth, whose symbol is the 12-sided dodecahedron.

The lessons you learn from geometry are not always the official beliefs of today. But they are always the same, and next week we shall look further.

John Michell

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