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“The close approach of Mars has not just let us see this planet more clearly than ever before... it has shown up its influence more clearly too. Mars is the planet of conquerors; people who traditionally see themselves as ‘above the law’. Mars is also the planet of competitive sport. One look at what’s happening in the world of football tells us precisely how Mars is ‘exposing aggression’ there. I’ll say more soon, about the next cosmic lesson we can expect. Meanwhile, here’s John Michell with news about how things may operate in more peaceful parts of the galaxy!” Jonathan Cainer

Archive for Thursday 9th October 2003 - UFOs are they coming back from the future?

UFO sketch
UFOs, of course, mean unidentified flying objects. That does not tell us what they are or where they are from. Eddie Radcliffe in Sheffield saw his first UFO back in 1953. It was early in the morning while he was walking home. His spooky sketch of it is shown above.

This UFO appeared several times the size of the full moon, and was travelling fast. The strangest thing about it was the cone of sparks that stretched out in front of it, not trailing behind like a comet's tail. Eddie was frightened by it and ran to his house. But the experience made him thoughtful, and later in life he became a psychic healer

He has come to believe that there are billions of other worlds, inhabited by beings like , ourselves. They are too far apart to make contact. Only when they have discovered the divine laws behind the universe are they able to travel in space. We see their vehicles as UFOs. But they will not communicate with us, because we have to learn those laws for ourselves. When we do so, we shall discover space travel and become part of the universal community.

Alec Price in Lancashire asks: ‘What if these 'visitors' are from planet Earth? What if they are from Earth's future'?" One day, he reasons, we will develop time travel. People in the future will want to observe their bistory, so they will come back in time to the present. UFOs contain future students, or perhaps tourists. They must not contact us for fear of upsetting the pattern of history. One thing we can all agree on is that UFOs make you think. Perhaps in that way they are educating us. Recent evidence suggests that they come from outer space, but are now based among us, here on earth. I shall describe that evidence next week.

John Michell

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