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ARCHIVE for Wednesday 26th September 2001 - Prophecies of destruction

It is being said that Nostradamus foresaw the destruction of the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. The following lines from his 'quatrains' are quoted.

In the year of the new century and nine months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
...Fire approaches the great new city.
...In the city of York there will be a great collapse.
Two twin brothers tom apart by chaos.
When the fortress falls the great leader will fall also.

That is a fair description of what happened - except that the president survived. But how genuine is it? There is some evidence that these and other 'Nostradamus' quotes may be partly the invention of some internet hoaxer. The problem is that Nostradamus was a tricky writer, and his meanings are often unclear.

The 'King of Terror' prophecy is one of his most famous. I remember it being quoted when Jack and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. They were brothers but not twins, and neither of them died in New York.

The sinister part is that, after these events, Nostradamus foresaw a terrible World War, beginning in the Middle East. From there will come the Antichrist - a global dictator. But the story ends happily. After 27 years of chaos the dictator is overthrown, and we then enjoy a thousand years of divine rule on earth. Another prophecy that is being mentioned is St John's in the book of Revelation - the last and most interesting book of the Bible. He tells of a great trading city, called Babylon. It is rich and luxurious and thinks it rules the earth. Suddenly it is destroyed. Details are given in chapter 18 of Revelation, and they are gruesome.

Immediately after the Fall of Babylon, St John describes another city. It is called the Heavenly Jerusalem. Everything in it is beautiful and perfect. It is the very opposite of Babylon. That great city was controlled by money, but the ideal world-city is ruled by God's law. All nations have their part in it and live together in harmony.

Even though they appear to be opposites, Babylon and the heavenly city are really one and the same. They represent human society in different stages of development. And the people in them are the same. It is easy to compare New York to Babylon, but the victims of the twin-towers disaster were the same good, innocent people who will inhabit the paradise to come on earth. We curse the cruel bastards who murdered them. But we know from history that all great changes come about with violence and slaughter. That seems to be how it works.

The seer of history
Michel Nostradamus (1503-66) was a very learned French-Jewish doctor. In his thirties he began to receive prophecies, and to record them in verses. It is claimed that he foresaw everything that has happened since, including nuclear bombing. His predictions stop at the year 3797.

Peter Lemesurier
A leading expert on Nostradamus, Peter Lemesurier, is furious about the bogus verses now circulating on the Internet. He says: "It's a disgrace. People want Nostradamus to to have predicted the latest event; they take a quatrain from a corrupt edition of his work or a bad translation or invent new verses entirely of their own."
Nostradamus in the 21st Century by Peter Lemesurier (Piatkus).

John Michell

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