Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Gemini, Saturday, 9 November 2019

Your Week Ahead: Something fundamental has changed. A painful situation is not hurting as much as it used to. Phew... what a relief! That's wonderful news. But you're not going to able to relax and enjoy the feeling if you're worrying that the pain might return. It's hard to relax when you're worried about something sneaking back as soon as you turn your focus onto happier things. As your ruler, Mercury, transits the face of the Sun this week, it brings you an opportunity to make a constructive, positive move. Take it... and don't look back.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Do you remember Brad Pitt in the 1987 film No Man's Land? Well, unless you're a member of his close family, the answer is probably no - because he was an uncredited extra, playing the role of a waiter. You're feeling a bit like a supporting actor in someone else's movie. But that's about to change. As Mercury transits the Sun, although you won't become an overnight star, you'll find yourself playing a much more important role. This week, you can start directing events to your advantage.

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