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Sat, 24th February 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: Think before you speak this week. I know you've got something important to say. But work it out in your mind, and then keep it there. Temporarily disengage your thoughts from your voice. I know that's easier to say than to do. But if you keep quiet for a bit longer, the change you wish to see will start taking place without you having to utter a single word. Your patience will be rewarded. Knowing you haven't forced anything to happen (or had to criticise anyone) will make the passage forwards much more enjoyable for everyone.

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Libra -

Libra - Your February Monthly Horoscope: Although explanations are helpful, they don't always answer all our questions. We all know, for example, that planet Earth is round (rather than flat) but we don't really understand how it got here, or what we're meant to be doing during our time on it. February finds you trying to make sense of a situation. You're short on facts, which means you don't fully understand what's going on, or how to handle it. If you keep asking questions, and stay determined, you'll reach understanding that enables you to sort it, in a delightful way.

Libra - Yesterday's Forecast:
What do people involved in politics actually do? From researchers to risk analysts, at the end of the day, their ultimate purpose is to make laws. We need rules in order for society to function. If we didn't, we wouldn't need politicians. Which means that to keep their jobs, they have to keep inventing new laws! Or refreshing/updating the old ones. In your world, you've been restricted by a historic, self-imposed regulation. This weekend, the Full Moon brings the inspiration to reassess and redefine it. You can find a new sense of freedom.

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Libra - Thu Feb 22, 2024:
If you were an owl, a bat or a hedgehog, you'd only go out at night. If you were a butterfly, a honeybee, or a squirrel, you'd find somewhere to rest when the sun started setting. Humans are blessed with the ability to set their body clocks so that we can adapt and appreciate all 24 hours of the day. In your world now, you're dealing with a two-sided situation. Only one side of it appeals to you. But the other side has its positives. If you open your mind to all its potential, you'll have a much more satisfying, all-round experience.

Libra - Wed Feb 21, 2024:
Sorting out a messy drawer is satisfying. Creating order out of chaos feels good. Yet if chaotic energy is too carefully contained, the pressure builds until it blows the lid off its container. And when it's defused it can lose its qualities. It's impossible, for example, to be both organised and impulsive. Or well-ordered and spontaneous. Some forces need to be given space to forge their paths. As your ruler, Venus, moves to link with dynamic Mars, be careful about what you suppress. There's lots of good energy around you!

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Libra - Tue Feb 20, 2024:
It's hard to know what to do when someone isn't responding to your messages or emails. Is it because they're too busy? Or because they don't know what to say; that somehow, the issue you're dealing with is complicated, and they're uncertain about how to advise you? If you seek guidance today, make sure you simplify your question. In fact, if you clarify it in your own mind, you might find you can work the answer out yourself. Then, you can just ask for support. And, under the current cosmic climate, that's definitely available.

Libra - Mon Feb 19, 2024:
The last thing I want is to add to the pressure you're experiencing. But... you've got a decision to make. Eeek! Yet rather than avoiding it, aren't you just going through the kind of experience we all have when we run through our plans before making a commitment? Although we know what we want to do and what hope to do, since we haven't done it, there's a chance we might change our minds. So, we think it all through again. It's called double-checking. Still, if you don't act soon, it might turn into dithering! You don't want that!

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Libra - Sun Feb 18, 2024:
Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Are you loved and valued as much as you deserve to be? If there's an aspect of your emotional life that reflects an inequality or imbalance, what action are you going to take? Of course, you're not obliged to do anything. If you're prepared to bide your time, and put up with an unsatisfactory situation for a bit longer, the dynamics will naturally change. And you'll find the balance you crave. Whatever your heart truly needs will manifest. In the meantime, be kind and generous. This will affect the speed of the process, in a positive way.

Libra: - Sat Feb 17, 2024:
Your Weekly Horoscope: We're all connected by invisible threads. Your connections don't just link you to the people you know: they reach across oceans uniting you to people in faraway lands. Of course, it's hard to remember this as we're going about our lives. We think our life experiences happen in isolation. We don't consider that our actions (even our thoughts) impact other folk. But they do. Your connections can serve you well this week. By trusting in their existence, and thinking beyond your own needs, you'll find encouragement and support.

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Libra - Fri Feb 16, 2024:
Some days are rainier than others. Or sunnier. Or windier. We accept this without really thinking about it. We just know that people around us will be experiencing the same degree of rain/sun/wind. Weather forecasts help prepare us. And if we happen to be in the business of selling umbrellas, that information is extremely helpful! In a similar way, just as the weather changes, so the astrological climate alters. As your ruler moves into Aquarius, if you're as friendly as you can be, you can be a source of brightness and joy.

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