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Weekly Love Taurus Horoscope

Sunday, 24 September 2023

taurus Zodiac Sign
Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: We've all heard stories about people who change their appearance and identity in an attempt to start afresh. And we've all got parts of our past we'd like to leave behind. But is it possible to escape our personal history? Rarely do the people we hear about manage it. Their past catches up with them. As it does with us. Which is why we need to avoid doing things we might regret. And apologise if we've done regretful things. Part of your past is catching up with you this week. It's a good bit. Here comes a reward for a wise choice. The Equinox is the perfect time to explore the insights that a Full Horoscope Birth Chart can offer. Download your unique personal horoscope chart with 50% off... and receive three FREE Tarot readings. (OFFER ENDS SOON)

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