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Taurus, Year Ahead 2022

taurus Zodiac Sign

2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope

The year starts with your ruler, Venus, moving retrograde in earthy Capricorn, it brings renewed purpose and desire to deepen relationships. And if April's convergence between exploratory Jupiter and free-flowing Neptune seems at odds with your earthy nature, you're wrong! You may like things 'just so', but you needn't pass up on adventures - especially in the company of someone special.

It's not just the Jupiter/Neptune link that brings changes. Eclipses taking place in and opposite Taurus will make a big splash, marking intense emotional periods of renewal. Electrifying Uranus, continuing through your sign, challenges you to be less self-conscious and more open-minded.

Inspired by Venus' relationship with Mars, the start of 2022 brings a sense of adventure to set your pulse racing. Relationships will intensify; passion is in the air. Instead of feeling uncertain about your desires, you'll have opportunities to get what you want, and feel good about how you get it. By taking bold decisions, you'll get much closer to your relationship dreams.

An intense year is coming. You'll have to leave your comfort zone. But if you stay open to exploring new horizons, you'll love the journey... and enjoy the ride!

Luck and Money

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed - and Jupiter and Neptune's convergence (in April) suggests you have compassionate friends willing to encourage you and share their assets. Yet Mars' long stay in Gemini indicates you'll ride to your own economic rescue. This new-found strength and determination in how you marshal your resources will help you compete for greater financial prizes.

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