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We live in a world where too many paths are trodden because they are the most obvious and too many experiences occur because people don't have the imagination to invent alternatives. Yet you were born capable of being somebody significant, powerful and successful.

This year, it becomes clearer that you have to do something about claiming that inheritance. It is also the year during which you have to work with others if you are to make that occur. You can't do it on your own. One particularly important 'other person' is about to start playing a very big role in helping you become more of who you were always born to be. I am not necessarily saying, 'It will be through someone you love that these fine things occur.' I'm simply saying that you are about to find that someone brings out the best in you. You in turn, will bring out the best in them.

The upshot of all this will be a sense that the best, generally, is beginning to manifest. There'll be less need to feel as if you must compromise, less insecurity to contend with and much more confidence. Emotionally, creatively, materially, you will achieve far greater strength and success. And, through the help of a very significant person, greater happiness and contentment, too.


The question for you in 2013 is not, how do you handle your difficulties? It is, how do you seize your opportunities? You really will have opportunities to seize. If you do seize them, difficulties will take care of themselves. That isn't to say you can relax and abandon all efforts to be frugal and prudent. But you may need to be wary of 'false economies'; the kind of savings we make only to discover afterwards, that we wish we hadn't been quite so draconian! You are in no danger of discovering as you go through 2013, that you must defend yourself against an oncoming storm of threat, menace, difficulty, adversity, hardship and penury. There is no need to dig a shelter. What you ought to be doing is building a tower. Deepening your strengths will involve remembering the reasons why you formed alliances with some individuals long ago and discovering more about the people you are linked to and the community you are a part of. In that arena are a set of connections which will ensure that if you work sincerely and diligently towards a valid goal now, you will gain all the support you need. Not only will you fulfil some very high ideals but you will be taking care of something so big and important that most of your daily economic needs will somehow take care of themselves.


Power struggles often take place within relationships. So do 'swaps' where one moment, one person feels unhappy while the other is fine, then suddenly it's the other way around. This year, you'll overcome inhibitions that have contributed to this see-saw effect in times gone by. Just be aware that whenever we find ourselves going through a phase of growth, we usually begin to experiment with new interests. These can make it hard for us to deal with the expectations of loved ones.v In 2013, you may free yourself from many of the things that normally help make relationships successful - like your willingness to give way. There will, of course, be compromises to make. But there won't be that feeling of being obliged to make them. Either a relationship which inhibits you will evolve to the point where it no longer does that, or a more important relationship will blossom between you and somebody who really can help you bring out the very best of yourself.


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