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Thursday 27th May 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Visits after death by Rupert Sheldrake by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 20th May 2004 - Unexplained Powers: A love for plants by Rupert Sheldrake by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 29th April 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Presentiments of Danger by Rupert Sheldrake by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 22nd April 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Waking before alarms by Rupert Sheldrake by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 15th April 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Near Death Experiences by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 1st April 2004 - Unexplained Powers: A psychic parrot by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 25th March 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Journeys out of the body by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 18th March 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Telepathic Tunes
Thursday 11th March 2004 - Email Telepathy by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 4th March 2004 - Phantom limbs by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 26th February 2004 - Anticipating fits by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 19th February 2004 - Unexplained Powers: Children out of their bodies by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 12th February 2004 - Telephone Telepathy by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 29th January 2004 - Out of Body Experiences by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 22nd January 2004 - Dogmatic scepticism by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 15th January 2004 - Green Fingers by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 8th January 2004 - Unexplained Powers - Intuition by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 1st January 2004 - Unexplained Powers - Silent Calls by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 18th December 2003 - Unexplained Powers - Bonds between mothers and babies by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 11th December 2003 - Animals that know when their owners are coming home by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 4th December 2003 - The Power of Looks by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 27th November 2003 - Animal Instinct by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 20th November 2003 - How far does your mind go? by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 13th November 2003 - Is someone watching you? by Rupert Sheldrake
Thursday 6th November 2003 - A marriage in the heavens
Thursday 30th October 2003 - UFOs and alien contacts
Thursday 23rd October 2003 - UFOs have their funny side
Thursday 13th October 2003 - A message from outer space
Thursday 9th October 2003 - UFOs are they coming back from the future?
Thursday 25th September 2003 - What are they trying to tell us?
Thursday 18th September 2003 - UFOs: Readers’ own stories
Thursday 28th August 2003 - Will a UFO change your life forever
Thursday 21st August 2003 - Out of this world
Thursday 14th August 2003 - Letter from Hanneke van Dongen
Thursday 7th August 2003 - The story of creation
Thursday 31st July 2003 - Creative geometry
Thursday 24th July 2003 - Cracking the Cosmic Code
Thursday 17th July 2003 - God's hidden patterns
Thursday 10th July 2003 - The Secret Numbers at the Heart of Creation
Thursday 3rd July 2003 - The Secret Meaning of Numbers
Thursday 26th June 2003 - Baby changelings and alien abductions
Thursday 19th June 2003 - The Mary Celeste
Thursday 12th June 2003 - When an English king saw the Flying Dutchman
Thursday 5th June 2003 - letter from Dr JF
Thursday 29th May 2003 - The mysteries of love
Thursday 22nd May 2003 - The mysteries of identical twins
Thursday 15th May 2003 - Dreaming

Thursday 8th May 2003 - The mystery of the lost library
Thursday 1st May 2003 - The new wave of monsters
Thursday 24th April 2003 - King Solomon and the temple for all nations

Thursday 17th April 2003 - Who is really behind it all?

Thursday 10th April 2003 - People who fly

Thursday 3rd April 2003 - The murder mystery of a Russian Princess
Thursday 27th March 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 10 The mystery of fate, luck, and astrology
Thursday 20th March 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 9 The mystery of the Knights Templar
Thursday 13th March 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 8 The mystery of confused identity
Thursday 6th March 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 7 The ancient Mysteries of life after death
Thursday 27th February 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 6 The ancient Mysteries of life after death
Thursday 20th February 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 5 Mysterious creatures that haunt the earth
Thursday 13th February 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 4 Visions of the luminous lady
Thursday 6th February 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 3 The mystery of the universal tradition
Thursday 23rd January 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 2 The mystery of intelligent life in space
Thursday 16th January 2003 - The Top 10 world mysteries... No. 1 Atlantis and the mystery of the Celts
Thursday 2nd January 2003 - The Maoris
Thursday 19th December 2002 - Metric Martyrs
Thursday 12th December 2002 - What are babies crying about?
Thursday 5th December 2002 - The Restless Spirit of the Poltergeist
Thursday 28th November 2002 - The island of mysteries
Thursday 21st November 2002 - Lucky numbers
Thursday 7th November 2002 - Pterodactyls on the wing
Thursday 31st October 2002 - UFOs, the hidden influence behind changing times
Thursday 24th October 2002 - UFOs - The ever-lasting mystery
Thursday 17th October 2002 - The music that enchanted ancient Britain
Thursday 10th October 2002 - The face of an ET
Thursday 3rd October 2002 - Rediscovering the lost golden age
Thursday 26th September 2002 - Astrology and alchemy
Thursday 19th September 2002 - The mystery of where we came from
Thursday 12th September 2002 - The rule of astrology
Thursday 5th September 2002 - The usefulness of astrology
Thursday 30th August 2002 - Wild children and their animal keepers
Thursday 23rd August 2002 - Can the lamb lie down with the lion?
Thursday 15th August 2002 - Lonely hermits and their animal companions
Thursday 8th August 2002 - A saintly life at the bottom of a well
Thursday 1st August 2002 - All alone in the wilderness
Thursday 25th July 2002 - The god who abandoned his offspring
Thursday 18th July 2002 - A quick look at the big question
Thursday 11th July 2002 - The marraige of heaven and earth
Thursday 4th July 2002 - Is there no justice in this world?
Thursday 27th June 2002 - Philosphy and magic
Thursday 20th June 2002 - The pole at the centre of the world
Thursday 13th June 2002 - The peaks of happiness
Thursday 30th May 2002 - Initiation and the entry to paradise
Thursday 23rd May 2002 - From ignorance to bliss
Thursday 16th May 2002 - The Philosopher's Stone
Thursday 9th May 2002 - The man who collected mysteries
Thursday 25th April 2002 - Black and White Magic
Thursday 18th April 2002 - Ancient worlds, sunken cities
Thursday 11th April 2002 - The geometry of paradise on earth
Thursday 28th March 2002 - The circle of Creation
Thursday 21st March 2002 - The geometry of the Creation
Thursday 14th March 2002 - Esoteric geometry
Thursday 7th March 2002 - Our sacred measures
Thursday 21st February 2002 - England's centre
Thursday 14th February 2002 - The centre
Thursday 7th February 2002 - Who are you staring at?
Thursday 31st January 2002 - The lesson of the Pyramid
Thursday 24th January 2002 - The riddle of the Great Pyramid
Thursday 17th January 2002 - Numbers and meaning
Thursday 10th January 2002 - The beginning of number
Thursday 3rd January 2002 - Numbers and the secrets of harmony on earth
Thursday 27th December 2001 - Secret governments of the underworld
Thursday 20th December 2001 - The lost world of Atlantis
Thursday 13th December 2001 - The faces in the rocks
Thursday 6th December 2001 - The mystery of the long-living Yorkshireman
Thursday 29th November 2001 - Love is all you need - or what?
Thursday 22nd November 2001 - Is it all a conspiracy?
Thursday 15th November 2001 - The war about evolution
Thursday 8th November 2001 - Life beyond a hundred
Thursday 1st November 2001 - Haunted houses
Thursday 25th October 2001 - Heaven, and where do you find it?
Thursday 18th October 2001 - Hell
Wednesday 17th October 2001 - 666 The number of the beast
Wednesday 10th October 2001 - When does the world end?
Wednesday 3rd October 2001 - Premonitions of disaster
Wednesday 26th September 2001 - Prophecies of destruction
Wednesday 19th September 2001 - The face from space?
Wednesday 12th September 2001 - Carried away by eagles
Wednesday 5th September 2001 - How did the world begin?
Wednesday August 29th 2001 - Descent from the apes

If you have a favourite mystery subject - from spontaneous human combustion to ancient Celtic ritual sites, write to John, suggesting a theme. And if you have any answers or theories about the mysteries John will be highlighting, he would particularly like to hear from you.

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