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Your Zodiac Sign, the Truth - Taurus

by Jonathan Cainer

taurus Zodiac Sign

The Myth:
Taurean people are supposed to be stubborn, slow and stroppy. Legend has it that they are fond of their food and fond too, of indulging other "appetites". A further suggestion is that those born under the Bull are keenly acquisitive. It is said that they can't get enough of the finer things in life and that they always get whatever we want.
The Truth:
Taureans are perfectly capable of adapting, adjusting and adopting an easygoing demeanour. They are sensual people with an ability to appreciate quality and value but it is most unfair to call them materialistic. Few and far between are the selfish Taureans - or the ones who are interested only in money. To the contrary, most are highly idealistic. They want their own lives - and the lives of those they care for, to be the best that they can possibly be - and they will stop at nothing to achieve this. It is only, really, in this respect that Taureans can be fixed, resolute and deeply determined.
The Key To Success:
If you are a Taurean, you should be aware that your greatest asset is your instinctive sense of justice. You can recognise a rip-off at a thousand paces and you can always find what's fair. When you trust this, you are unerringly guided towards the right type of creative inspiration, the best sort of worldly ambition and the cleverest kind of friendship. All you ever need to do, to get on in life, is trust the natural good judgement that you sometimes feel inclined to ignore.
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