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Daily Libra Horoscope

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

The future waits patiently. Yours is looking forward to greeting you on your arrival. There's no point rushing to meet it. No matter what you do, it's expecting you. So rather than focus on what lies ahead, why not make the most of the present... especially in the build-up to the Total Solar Eclipse? You're being offered an opportunity to strengthen the foundations that will support you as you move into a new and exciting era of your life. If you make the most of the present, it will carry you forwards towards the future you desire. Neptune turns 'direct' on the 1st of December and is unleashing the power of the 'dream-come-true' fairy. As we speak she is waving her wand in your direction. Put your dream into action with 50% OFF All Personal Horoscope Birth Charts. (OFFER ENDS TOMORROW)

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