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If your Leo cried, shortly after they were born it was probably not in protest at the spiritual shock of suddenly entering the material world. Nor was it necessarily an expression of physical discomfort. Most likely, Your Leo's cry was a cry of protest and indignation. If you could have translated it into English, it would have said, 'Hey! Where's the Red Carpet? Why have the governments of the world not sent me an official welcoming committee? How dare you all treat me as if I am just another ordinary baby?'

I'm not trying to suggest that Your Leo has an exaggerated sense of their own self-importance or a great need to be worshipped, looked up to and admired. I really don't need to make any such suggestion. You already know them. And you know what they're like!

But your Leo happily has other wonderful qualities that more than compensate for this somewhat imperious air. Your Leo is generous, loving, giving and warm. Your Leo is loyal, reliable, trustworthy and wise. Your Leo is creative, inventive, inspiring and light of heart. And if you ever need entertainment, diversion, distraction or amusement... Your Leo is a natural star! There's never a dull moment when they are around. Their games are so much fun to play that even adults are sometimes tempted to forget themselves and join in. Their jokes are genuinely funny. Their adventures are truly epic and imaginative.

Your Leo may 'assume' a lot about their entitlement to steal every show and win every argument... but then, Your Leo really IS a very unusual person. They really earn the special place that they invariably gain in the hearts of all who know them... and they deserve the special treatment that they often manage to get for themselves.

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