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Your Aries is a right little handful. They don't so much require a babysitter as a 24-hour surveillance system, constantly on alert for their escapades. No matter what it is or where it is, if it's too high, too fragile, too messy or too risky... it's probably your Aries preferred plaything. You'd better get used to it - because your Aries child is intending to be a brave explorer their whole life long. Even as an adult, they'll be drawn like a magnet to adventure and excitement.

Ideally then, if you don't want to spend the next few years constantly yelling, 'Don't touch' you'd better stop trying to keep them apart from danger... and teach them, instead, how to handle it. Explain how to climb safely. How to hold the sharp tool carefully. Why certain household items need to be treated with respect. Let them see what they do - and then, under extremely close supervision, let them 'try'.

You think this will only encourage them to stray into forbidden territory when you're not looking? Hey. this is an Aries we're talking about. They'll do it anyway the moment your back is turned. At least their way, they'll know what they are doing. Your Aries can't help it. They are a go-getting, fast-moving, boundary-pushing, obstacle-demolishing Aries. And this, actually, is something you should be glad of. While they are neither invincible nor indestructible, Your Aries is tough. They're made of strong stuff. And their greatest desire in life is to be useful and helpful.

Avoid making them feel naughty for being inquisitive. Instead make them feel part of the family team. Get them involved, even as a tiny toddler, with all the grown-up activities that are going on around them. Sooner than you think, they'll be a real, reliable asset. And then your Aries's personality will start to alter. They'll be the force you can depend on. The one who's always willing to pitch in. The friendliest family member who is first up in the morning, always with a bright idea about what to do today... And the reason why, your whole life long, with this delightful high achiever, you will never, ever be bored.

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