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Your Cancer child is a powerful person. They have the power to make their presence felt, wherever they go... and the power, too, to keep a very low profile if it happens to suit them. They are bright, lively and quite capable, from the earliest age, of grasping some surprisingly complicated points and ideas.

Their most amazing gift of all though, lies not in their intellect but in their intuition. It is almost as if they can read minds. They can almost always tell what other people are truly feeling, regardless of what they are saying. This is both a blessing and a curse. It means they can't just pretend that everything is fine when it isn't... and you can't hide your emotions from them. They're sensitive, caring, loving and kind but can also, at times, appear to be deeply unreasonable or wildly wayward. That's just a side effect of having such an accurate inner 'lie detector'. As your Cancerian child grows older, they may learn to just quietly withdraw from situations that contain too much pretense. For at least the first decade of their life though, they are much more likely to have a spontaneous, dramatic reaction. They may 'play up' or 'crack inappropriate jokes' or become tearful for no apparent reason.

Just as a crab retreats into its shell, a Cancerian child hides behind a wall of bravado - or of apparent indifference. Sometimes, this self-protective shield can even manifest as aggressive or contrary behaviour. It's all an act. Your Cancerian child is a soft, sensitive soul - deeply conscious of their own vulnerability. As long as you gain and maintain their trust, they'll be the most loyal, supportive companion you could ever dream of or wish for.

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